Why outdated attitudes towards online sales are holding many brands back

Why outdated attitudes towards online sales are holding many brands back

Traditionalist attitudes towards third party e-retailers are causing many brands fall behind their competitors. By failing to actively monitor and police e-retailers, companies are allowing third party sites to present their brands and products poorly and make vital mistakes when listing products.

Last we week we showed the steps brands need to take to drive improvements in their channel partner eCommerce strategy, with the first step being to ensure traditionalists understand how important ensuring high quality brand and product presentation is and how it can have a direct positive impact on sales.

While many brands have performed in-store mystery shopping for years, most are still yet to even begin confronting how their products and brand are shown to consumers on third party sites. This means consumers are often presented with a huge array of errors and mistakes, with incorrect product names, wrong product images, wrong product information and incorrect branding amongst some of the most common errors.

EXAMPLE ERROR: A $999 Vizio 55 inch TV on Walmart has an Energy Guide as its first image that is presented to consumers, rather than pictures of the product


EXAMPLE ERROR: Some Bose products on Amazon do not include the registered trademark symbol, creating inconsistent brand presentation to consumers

Conclusion: The first step to driving improvement on online retailers is understanding that issues exist and action needs to be taken to combat them. The first step these companies need to take is to perform an initial audit across their online retaile partners' sites to understand where their biggest issues are and how they can fix them. From this starting point they can then begin to build a strategy to outperform and differentiate from the competition.

Next week we will analyse how brands can go from an initial audit to understand where they are, to ongoing monitoring and improvements on an international scale.

If you would like to learn more about WaveMetrix can help your brand begin to improve its third party eCommerce strategy and performance, please contact Ed.Bristow@WaveMetrix.com


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