White goods: why do consumers join home appliance brand communities?

White goods: why do consumers join home appliance brand communities?

White goods' social communities provide a space for consumers to discuss using home appliances on a daily basis.

Attracting likes and followers can be difficult for brands such as white goods manufacturers, where the product cycle is long and the space isn’t naturally engaging. So we wanted to understand why consumers choose to like a white goods brand's Facebook page and what role the social community plays in this industry.
Online white goods discussion falls into two main categories. On one hand, there is feature-centric buzz about specific brands and products, such as owner reviews. On the other hand, there is more conversational buzz about the day-to-day usage of home appliances. Looking at where each discussion type occurs online reveals that most sources generate product-specific buzz, whilst social communities emerge as the space for homekeeping discussion. They offer an opportunity for brands to build conversations with fans around the wider day-to-day homekeeping experience and how appliances fit into it.
Social communities provide a space to discuss the daily usage of home appliances, whilst discussion on other sources is about product:
  • Review, blogs and forums discussion is focused on the products themselves: Buzz on these sites is all about purchase, from information gathering to owner reviews. Consumers compare features, style and performance among models, discuss their retail experience and rate their purchases, as shown by these two Bosch reviews on Amazon:

  • Brand communities provide a place for homekeeping discussion, which other sources don't fufill: Within brand Facebook communities, fan discussion revolves around the day-to-day usage of their appliances. This includes environmental issues, enhancing the longevity of their appliances, cooking or general homekeeping. They are a place where consumers can regularly interact with the brand they have chosen and consumers who own similar products. They also provide a space for the brand to engage fans around their dream home and wishes for future appliance innovation

The example comments below are responses to Electrolux asking fans about their ideal laundry room:

In the coming weeks, we will continue our exploration of the white goods space by looking at which brands have the most engaged communities and why, as well as looking at successful strategies to communicate innovative products among fans

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