What automotive content generates the most views on YouTube?

What automotive content generates the most views on YouTube?

Automotive brands should ensure they upload their TV adverts on YouTube, as these attract the most of views of all automotive content. Adverts drive six times more views than the next most viewed video type – lifestyle videos. Adverts also tend to have a long lifespan, meaning they can give brands continued exposure. In contrast, event-based content amasses views more quickly, indicating that these videos should be uploaded immediately to capture consumer interest in the moment.

WaveMetrix has analysed over 600 videos from a variety of automotive channels to understand what content resonates best and how the longevity of video content varies by type.
Adverts attract six times more views than the next most successful content for automotive brands
Average number of views per video (first 100 days)
average views by video type
  • Adverts are the best form of content: they generate more views on average than all the other video types combined
  •  Lifestyle and motor shows form a second tier behind adverts, indicating these videos are a good way to vary content: lifestyle videos are the second most successful content, with Toyota UK’s series of videos showing a family enjoying activities such as fossil huntingsea kayaking and gliding attracting consistently above-average views. Brands can also increase exposure by uploading videos from motor shows, although these videos need to be uploaded quickly to capitalise on consumer interest
  •  Racing and how-to videos have less appeal, mostly engaging a niche audience: videos uploaded from races are only likely to interest hardcore racing fans. Furthermore, instructional how-to videos are targeted at owners of specific models, thereby limiting the potential audience 
Automotive brands should upload event-based content quickly, as these videos have a shorter lifespan
% views amassed over time by video type (first 100 days)
  • Event-based content amass views quicker than other video types: Videos uploaded about races and motor shows generate a high proportion of their views in the first 50 days (73% and 67% respectively). This demonstrates that event-based content can drive ‘quick’ views, but that videos needs to be uploaded promptly to capture consumer interest
  • In contrast, adverts, lifestyle videos and how-to videos have a longer lifespan: these videos often only have half of their total views after 50 days, as they have a more enduring appeal beyond an individual event
Event-based adverts peak quicker than average and should be uploaded quickly to capitalise on consumer interest, demonstrated by Toyota’s Super Bowl adverts
Adverts: % views amassed over time (first 100 days)
  • Toyota’s Super Bowl 2014 adverts attract almost all views in the first two weeks, but fade quickly after: Toyota’s promotional tie-in with Muppets for the Super Bowl was highly engaging initially, but consumer interest waned as the hype around the event declined

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