Measuring how advocates influence prospects

Measuring how advocates influence prospects

In a recent white paper looking at consumer recommendations, WaveMetrix show how brands can analyse advocacy in a way which will help them improve their communication to potential customers.

A Nielsen study from April this year places consumer recommendations at the forefront of buyers’ purchase decisions. Recommendations made by other consumers online are the second most trusted source of advice after friends and family. Advocates explicitly aim to influence the purchase decisions of other consumers, because they believe that others will have the same product experience as them. In other words, they are giving your brand and products their seal of approval, or disapproval in some cases.
Online recommendations play such an important role because they reach such a vast number of consumers, creating 500 billion impressions a year according to Forrester. Whilst it is true that about 80% of advocacy occurs in offline conversations, for these to have the same reach as online advocacy every person would need to make 71 recommendations per day.
WaveMetrix have developed a theoretical framework within which to analyse these online recommendations, by distinguishing between explicit, implicit and prompted advocacy. Each brand can now see its own Advocacy Pyramid, to assess its performance versus competitors.

WaveMetrix White Paper: how advocates are influencing potential customers

The white paper illustrates this framework across three case studies:·        
  • How Lumix cameras can drive more prompted recommendations by understanding where each type of advocacy occurs
  • How Neutrogena Naturals can boost slumping advocacy levels by understanding which products consumers recommend and why
  • Mini Countryman and how to mitigate badvocacy by understanding what drives positive recommendations
You can read the full white paper here or contact to see your brand’s Advocacy Pyramid

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