Wave: social media quarterly- how brands can keep up with consumers’ needs and interests

Wave: social media quarterly- how brands can keep up with consumers’ needs and interests

WaveMetrix analysis of social media trends in Q2 2011 shows how brands can keep up with consumer interests in the ever evolving digital space.

Brands are using social media to help them to adapt to increasing consumer demand for corporate social responsibility and others are developing strategies for handling “super-size” Facebook pages which pose new logistical challenges. Brands have also begun to utilise mobile apps to further integrate their brand within consumers’ everyday lives.

Click here to read the full version of the Wave: social media quarterly for Q2 2011.

WaveMetrix analysis has identified three different social media trends in the second quarter of 2011:

  • Brands have been successfully using social media to build up an ethical image among consumers: Unilever gave nutritional tips and posted about the health benefits its products could bring to create an ethical brand image in a target emerging market, Brazil. Levi’s, Body Shop and Budweiser also effectively used social media to enhance their reputation as charitable brands by regularly posting on campaigns aiming to save water or stop evils such as sex trafficking
  • Brands have started to develop mobile marketing strategies to position themselves in people’s daily lives: The Lynx “Stream” app and the Reebok “Promise Keeper” app have successfully done this by linking their branded apps to the daily activities of consumers. However, Nespresso, H&M, and New Look created apps designed to enable mobile purchases. Many consumers do appreciate these efforts, but technical difficulties and platform-specific availability exclude consumers and lead to irritation with the brand
  • Simple management of large Facebook pages can be rewarding: McDonald’s tries a simple poll asking consumers if they preferred a Big Mac or Quarter Pounder which resulted in a large amount of on-topic product buzz. Snickers uses entertaining videos and comments that consumers appreciate leading to very positive comment on product and brand. Frito-lay was rather more elaborate, but consumers were very negative about technical problems and the limited supply of products in the giveaway

The Q2 2011 also takes an initial look at crowd-sourcing via social media which will be investigated more thoroughly in the Q3 2011 summary.

Following on from the previous Wave: summaries , the Q2 Wave: social media overview brings together relevant case studies from the last quarter to illustrate emerging trends in social media. Click here to read the full version of the Wave: social media quarterly for Q2 2011 (you can also download the Q3 2010, Q4 2010 and Q1 2011 summaries and WaveMetrix's summary of luxury brands in social media).

  • Wave: is the WaveMetrix social media tracker that provides insight into the latest social media marketing – online, on Twitter and in weekly emails via the Wave: website
  • Wave: uses the WaveMetrix methodology of capturing, reading, interpreting and classifying online consumer discussion around social media marketing


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