Wave: social media quarterly – how brands are creating frameworks for consumer-led engagement

Wave: social media quarterly – how brands are creating frameworks for consumer-led engagement

WaveMetrix analysis of social media trends in Q1 2011 shows different ways in which brands can use social media as a framework for consumers to engage with or promote brands. Brands have successfully continued to monetise social media, whilst others are encouraging consumers themselves to promote their brand.

Analysis of social media campaigns throughout the first quarter of 2011, WaveMetrix have identified four strategies which brands are using to drive higher consumer engagement:
  • Brands are using social shopping to generate more consumer involvement in the online purchase process: French Connection’s YouTique and Louis Vuitton’s personalisation application both enhance the purchase experience by making consumers much more involved in both their own and others’ purchases. Other brands, such as the traditional bookseller Barnes & Noble use social media to give their brand image a digital edge ahead of their online store launch. Bulgari’s monetisation of Facebook, however, misses out on the opportunity to let users leave comments on the products
  • Brands are also using social media to get consumers themselves promoting their brand: This approach  works particularly well for brands such as Nikon who promote the quality of their cameras through a Facebook photo contest. Brands linked with status such as AMEX or Mini encourage their consumers to show of the benefits of owning these products
  • Talking about real-life issues helps to connect with consumers: Brands can use social media to become closer to their consumers by creating a framework to discuss real-life topics. Skinceuticals and Olympus both run live Q&A sessions to give users advice on skin-related issues or photography techniques. Other brands such as Evenflo position themselves as experts through support forums where users can discuss parenting and ask for advice. Kotex’s support community also succeeds in lifting the taboo around female hygiene
  • Boosting the impact of offline events by linking them to social media: Brands such as Chanel and Porsche link their social media platforms back to offline events such as the Culture Chanel exhibition or vintage model refurbishing at the Porsche Museum. Sony Ericsson uses a different approach by sponsoring sporting events and organising related competitions before the launch of the Xperia handset
In addition, the Q1 2011 report includes an introduction to mobile marketing which will be investigated more deeply in the Q2 2011 summary.
Following on from the Wave: Q3 2010 and Q4 2010 summary, the Q1 Wave: social media overview brings together relevant case studies from the last quarter to illustrate emerging trends. Click here to read the full version of the Wave: social media quarterly for Q1 2011 (you can also download the Q3 2010 and Q4 2010 summaries).
  • Wave: is the WaveMetrix social media tracker that provides insight into the latest social media marketing – online, on Twitter and in weekly emails via the Wave: website
  • Wave: uses the WaveMetrix methodology of capturing, reading, interpreting and classifying online consumer discussion around social media marketing



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