Volvo and Toyota use umbrella campaigns to promote core brand values

Volvo and Toyota use umbrella campaigns to promote core brand values

Campaigns promoting the brand rather than specific models can engage consumers with core values, especially when fans are encouraged to interact.

Honda have announced that they will soon be launching a global campaign focused on promoting the brand as a whole rather than specific car models. With the strapline #MyJourney, Honda’s campaign echoes initiatives from other auto brands earlier this year. Volvo’s #VolvoMoments encourages users to share pictures or stories of how their Volvo brings them special moments. Toyota’s Let’s Go Places campaign is aimed at promoting the brand’s innovative image.

We looked back at consumer reactions to the Volvo and Toyota initiatives to understand how well the campaign messages resonated. We read consumer reactions and coded them according to how they reflected Volvo and Toyota's brand values. Our analysis shows that the #VolvoMoments was successful in engaging consumers around special moments as they shared their photos and stories. Similarly, the Toyota campaign successfully engages fans around different facets of the “Let’s Go Places” slogan, including innovation and excitement.

52% of reactions to #VolvoMoments are from consumers sharing special moments enabled by their Volvo:

  • Consumers resonate with the message that Volvo allows them to experience special moments: By encouraging fans to share their own content, the campaign is brought to life with real consumer stories and pictures of Volvo moments

Toyota's Let's Go Places campaign encourages fans to talk about the brand as innovative, exciting and as a journey partner:

  • Fans resonate with Toyota's innovative image: The Let's Go Places campaign advertises Toyota's advancements in auto design and performance technology. Fans respond positively saying they are "impressed" and "amazed" with the brand's innovations, new models and concepts
  • Let's Go Places is also about excitement and journeys: Fans say they "can't wait" for new models to come out, whilst others share their stories of how their Toyota enhances their physical journeys. This shows that the Let's Go Places campaign successfully encompasses different aspects of the brand and engages fans around each one


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