Updating previous Pinterest boards with new pins can help brands get more followers

Updating previous Pinterest boards with new pins can help brands get more followers

A study of online fashion retailers using Pinterest shows the importance of updating old boards as well as creating new ones to grow a large community.

Pinterest has proved popular among fashion retailers as its visual nature means it acts as an extension of their catalogue and users can follow either the whole page or a specific board. Online fashion shopping sites ASOS, Net-a-Porter, Missguided, Boohoo and Very post thematic boards, trends, gift ideas and pictures from fashion events. As well as regularly creating new boards with the latest fashion fixes, most of them also update previously created boards with new pins. Very is the only retailer which doesn’t update its previous boards and we have analysed the impact of this on their community size.
Analysis shows that Very has the lowest number of Pinterest followers compared to other fashion retailers, with 386 versus over 20k for brands like ASOS. Very’s lower follower base could be caused by their not updating previous boards. This is because Pinterest users can either follow a brand page, which means they get all the updates, or they can choose to follow a specific board, in which case they only see new pins on that board. Brands which only create new boards without updating previous ones won’t reach the users who follow individual boards. This demonstrates the importance of keeping content in each Pinterest boards dynamic in order to maximise reach and grow the number of followers.
Very has the smallest community size among fashion shopping brands on Pinterest:

  • Very has the least number of Pinterest followers: This suggests that Very should maximise the existing boards they have posted on Pinterest by adding new content on them, to help reach more users and grow their follower base

Net-a-Porter's activity feed shows that they regularly update a number of boards:

  • Dynamic content can help build a larger follower base: Brand should ensure they are reaching the users who only follow a board as well as the ones who follow their entire page. This can help encourage more consumers to follow the page itself and build a larger community size

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