Uncensored comments feed leaves Misfits' homepage open to negativity

Uncensored comments feed leaves Misfits' homepage open to negativity

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Mixed sentiment on Misfits’ homepage highlights the risks of allowing uncensored and unprompted social media commentary on an official website.

The homepage for E4’s teen sci-fi drama Misfits features an uncensored comments feed, which currently features over 2,000 comments. Although many of these comments are positive, a significant number are negative. This contrasts with the technique used on The X-Factor’s official page, which features a stream of specially selected, positive tweets.
WaveMetrix analysis show that while some consumers use the feed as an opportunity to share their “love” of the show and “excitement” about the new series, others use it to complain that the show is “getting worse” and voice concerns about new cast members. Furthermore, more than a quarter of comments in the feed express intent to avoid viewing the show’s new series. This compares unfavourably to the Facebook pages of series such as Homeland and Game of Thrones. This suggests that employing an uncensored comment feed is a risky strategy, given the unpredictability of social media audiences.

Misfits’ homepage’s comments feed contains mixed responses:
  • Less than half the comments in the feed are positive: Though some say the show is “amazing”, others say it has “gone downhill” and that the new cast members “suck”
  • The X-Factor employs a different approach: The show’s homepage features a feed of exclusively positive tweets, ensuring that negativity is not promoted on the page

Responses in the feed also show more intent to avoid than other shows’ Facebook pages:

  • More than a quarter of responses show intent to avoid seeing Misfits: This compares unfavourably to Homeland and Game of Thrones’ Facebook pages, where community managers use specific stimuli to promote positivity and excitement

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