UKTV's Dynamo: Magician Impossible Facebook app drives positivity and anticipation for the show

UKTV's Dynamo: Magician Impossible Facebook app drives positivity and anticipation for the show

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UKTV’s Dynamo Experience app shows how brands can drive positive social media engagement through interactive campaigns.

UKTV have recently launched a Facebook app to promote the second series of Watch’s street magic show Dynamo: Magician Impossible. The app allows Dynamo to interact with users by incorporating their Facebook photos or accessing their webcams, giving the illusion that the user is with Dynamo while he performs a card trick. The app has been successful in driving positive engagement and anticipation for the show’s July 5 launch.
WaveMetrix analysis has previously shown how Channel 4 drove engagement and anticipation around the comedy series FaceJacker with an interactive Facebook app. UKTV’s campaign has been similarly well received, driving very positive engagement around the show and Dynamo himself. Responses to the app also show strong intent to view the show, with just over half expressing definite intent to watch when the show launches on July 5. This success further suggests that brands can effectively engage consumers on social media platforms by making them a key part of the campaign.
Dynamo Experience app is very well received, driving positivity around the show and its star:
  • Responses to the app are almost unanimously positive: Consumers describe it as “really clever” and “amazing” and “really cool"
  • The app also drives positive buzz around the show and Dynamo himself: The magician is described as “the best in the world”, while the show is praised as “amazing”, with some saying they are “totally hooked”
Responses to the app show strong intent to view the show:
  • The app drives anticipation, with over half of responses expressing definite intent to view the series: Many say they “cannot wait” for the show, while others recommend the series, saying “everybody in the world must watch”


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