Top 10 social media lessons: Chanel, Vuitton, Burberry use social to help build their luxury image

Top 10 social media lessons: Chanel, Vuitton, Burberry use social to help build their luxury image

Lesson number one: luxury brands can use social media without compromising their premium image

Our Wave blog has been running since June 2010 and in these past three years we have written over 500 social media case studies, exploring everything from digital campaigns to emerging platforms across all industries. We’ve aimed to show how brands can use left-field approaches to engage fans in their social communities, how they can measure their performance and how they can learn from fan engagement.

To mark 500 case studies, we’ve looked back at the top ten lessons from the last three years. Turning back the clock to October 2010, one of the first milestones was seeing luxury brands making the most of social without compromising their exclusive image. Luxury brands were wary of becoming commoditised if they appealed to mass social audiences. However, they succeeded by building engagement around premium lifestyle and exclusivity.
In 2010 and 2011, we saw brands such as Louis Vuitton using Facebook to focus on travel, Burberry associating with upcoming artists, Dior portraying their classy image through short movies and Chanel using social to reinforce the brand’s history in emerging markets. These observations allowed us to put together a best practices document showing how high-end brands can boost exclusivity by using social platforms.
Over the past two years, premium brands have focused on re-creating the luxury experience online. This has led them to develop some of the most creative digital strategies to convey aspiration, glamour and personalisation.
Apps such as Louis Vuitton’s Mon Monogram or Diesel's Fit Your Attitude have helped make the experience personal, whilst big-budget creatives such as l'Odyssée de Cartier communicate aspiration and glamour. More recently, Burberry have used their Facebook community to communicate their British heritage and brand history through creative photography of London landmarks:



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