T-Mobile’s strategy of comparing itself to rival brands on Facebook backfires

T-Mobile’s strategy of comparing itself to rival brands on Facebook backfires

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Consumers' mixed reaction to T-Mobile's strategy of comparing itself to other brands shows that marketers should be careful in positioning themselves directly against their rivals on social networks. Whilst many T-Mobile fans express their support for the brand, an equal number of consumers express their negativity towards T-Mobile and promote other mobile network providers.  

T-Mobile USA recently posted their own marketing materials comparing themselves to competitor brands on their Facebook page. Alongside more traditional community manager posts, T-Mobile posted two side-by-side comparisons highlighting the differences between their own 4G services with that of their 3G rivals and how the different smartphones on offer measured up.

WaveMetrix social media monitoring shows that T-Mobile’s comparison strategy generated mixed feedback from consumers. Whilst many consumers support T-Mobile in its positioning against its competitors, others are more negative, criticising T-Mobile’s offering. Similar to Pepsi's aggressive comparison to Coca-Cola, this shows that marketers should be careful when comparing themselves to rivals online as such moves can produce undesirable results.

Consumers have a mixed response towards T-Mobile’s comparison to its rivals on its Facebook page:

Consumers have a mixed response towards T-Mobile’s comparison to its rivals on its Facebook page

  • Around half of consumer responses praise the T-Mobile brand: Prompted by the comparison to its rivals, consumers show their support for T-Mobile, saying they “love” T-Mobile because it is “great”. They praise T-Mobile’s “fast” 4G speeds and say the T-Mobile network presents them with “no problems” as they offer “good” call packages and “awesome” phones
  • An equal number of consumers, however, criticise T-Mobile: Faced with the comparison between T-Mobile and its rivals on Facebook, consumers say T-Mobile “sucks” and is a “bad company” as their speeds “are no faster” than AT&T and Verizon. Others criticise T-Mobile’s “poor” coverage and say that “better” phones are offered by T-Mobile’s rivals

The comparison post prompts a mixed response towards T-Mobile’s phones:

The comparison post by T-Mobile prompts a mixed response towards T-Mobile’s phones

  • Prompted by the comparative charts, consumers respond with mixed comments about T-Mobile's range of phones: Whilst some consumers say they “love” the phones on offer from T-Mobile because they are “amazing” due to a “reliable” service, others are more negative, saying T-Mobile’s range of phones “suck”. Some also say T-Mobile’s service is “no better” to that of its competitors
  • The comparison also leads to mixed views over the T-Mobile brand: The comparison posts on Facebook leads some consumers to say they “love” T-Mobile because it “rocks”, saying “thanks” to the brand for “good” prices and offering “choice”. However, others are more critical, saying T-Mobile “sucks” as the brand offers a “slow” network, which “cannot compare” to Verizon
  • A handful of consumers discuss customer service: Whilst some say they “love” T-Mobile for offering the “best” service, others criticise the brand for its “bad” service, complaining that they have been “put on hold” by T-Mobile’s customer service team


Anonymous 10th October 2011

The needs to provide the best packaging services that labatterie the modern world has ever seen.

Anonymous 22nd April 2011

FUCK MARIANNE MCcLEOD and Tim from the store they both are RACIST PIGS!

Anonymous 21st April 2011

I have an issue with T-mobile. Every time I call a representative hangs up on me, while they have me on hold. I know its not because I am being mean, all they ask me is my account info and put me on hold--then hang up on me. What? This is one sorry ass customer service.

Anonymous 19th April 2011

Why do I have to sit here and wait more than 20minutes to speak to someone at T-mobile. They can blame you for everything but have customers on hold for 20minutes...that sucks.

Anonymous 22nd March 2011

I know T-mobile was coming to an end. At&T bought it...lol
Thanks Marianne McLeod for you rude letter and by the way I have VERIZON now!
I HATE T-mobile

Anonymous 6th March 2011


Anonymous 2nd March 2011

Tmobile company are liars and RACIST!

Anonymous 24th February 2011

I just have question. Why do T-mobile store employees have you call customer care to talk to them while in the store? I think they are just being lazy.

Anonymous 24th February 2011

T-mobile is Terrile....LOL...I just had to be honest. I agree with other users.

Anonymous 23rd February 2011

I do not understand why persons in a rural environment do not buy from a regional cellular company instead of 1 of the national companies. They know that live in the boondocks, don't they?

If the best fitness center nearby is 3 counties away, you probably won't utilize it as much as the weight set in your neighbor's garage.

We always seem to forget that the worst customer service comes from when the other person has no choice but to tell us "no."

No you cannot return the 8 year old broken microwave.

No I will not give you your money back for the blood stained shirt you bought and wore once.

No I don't know how they do it elsewhere. I live and work here.

So you dropped your cell phone in the toilet 14 months after declining the insurance. does General Motors give you a new car when you total it the year after you buy it?

Poor customer service frequently starts with poor customers. If you don't know how the product works, why did you buy it? If you didn't mean to damage it, why is someone else responsible for paying for it?

This phone sucks. You picked it.

Your service sucks. You knew where you lived at the time you contracted for it.

You're being rude. Stop asking stupid questions.

Anonymous 22nd February 2011

I hate T-mobile. They have the worst customer care. I would never shop there again. And their phone service SUCKS

Anonymous 22nd February 2011

Well I think their service is great. The 4G is fast and less drop calls than at&t.
My Problem.
At&t offer service in way more area. What do I mean drop calls is that I can have 4 bars, but drop a call with at&t. The only downside.
T-mobile has a good network, but their coverage is poor. VERY POOR!
Just because the coverage map say your signal is good which is 3 bars outside. Every building your in, you just drop. Their MHz network isn't well for indoor coverage. When T-mobile lost Cingular Spectrum. They lost is all. Verizon just rosed and Cingular expanded with at&t. Sprint spread its CDMA and 4G love and passed T-mobile. T-mobile sucks now. I always stand by a window in my house just because I fear getting a drop call like I've gotten before. Wi-Fi calling is a joke, I have to use more battery life just make a call. Wi-Fi ain't everywhere. T-mobile's cel-Fi private testing, what a joke. Release it. It should even be free. T-mobile spends more time working on expanded 4G then spending on updating coverage. I complained years. Yes T-mobile have the best Customer Service in other areas but not coverage. I've gotten 4 service request. I filled out the take action form twice. All I got was your in good coverage. Good? I think not!

All of T-mobile's phone ain't hot. The G1 when T-mobile was hot, the Sidekick. Now the G2 oh wait Sprint gets the Evo Shift 4G. Same phone different design while Verizon is getting one similar. First 4.3in screen phone HD2 (Windows Mobile 6.5) Sprint gets the Evo 4G with android. RAPES THE HD2. Verizon gets the Droid X, Then T-mobile gets the HD7 with Windows Mobile AGAIN!! FAIL!!! 2 TIMES!!
The MyTouch, what a rubbish phone line. MyTouch 4G gets beaten by the iPhone, the Evo, Epic with their Front Face Cam. THe Samsung S 4G hahaha Europe had it better a year ago. At&t and Verizon getting hot shot phones. The Samsung Infuse, Droid Bionic, Incredible 2, The Motorola Atrix (A FREAKING FINGERPRINT SCANNER WITH 1GB RAM), HTC Inspire, iPhone, Thunderbolt, Etc. What does T-mobile get, oh well we get the Motorola Cliq 2. The Vibrant with a 4G and FFC, The Sidekick. ONCE ITS DEAD, LEAVE IT! If we were to get the LG Optimus 2x or 3D, so is every one else. WEAK EXCLUSIVE PHONES!!!
I don't like 4G, I'll trade that in justto get 4-5 bars in my HOUSE ANY DAY! WHAT ANNOYED ME WAS THAT I WAS FORCE IN A CONTRACT. Customer service was like oh just wait within a 3 weeks it will be fixed. I'm like okay. 3 weeks later, ignored. I WANT TO LEAVE! oh your contract fees!!
This is from the HEART, please excuse my improper English & grammar, but this is how I FEEL ABOUT MY COMPANY!

Anonymous 22nd February 2011

Thank you! They are so terrible. They dont care its because they "STICK TOGETHER" but what goes around comes around...I have been reading article about T-mobile and they are not doing well....hahahahaha...T-mobile will being going out of business if they dont get there "ACT TOGETHER"

Anonymous 22nd February 2011

so much anger. What do you mean complaining for years. Shouldn't your contract end?

Anonymous 22nd February 2011

I was really supposed to say the past year (2010). Sorry that I confused ya.

Anonymous 22nd February 2011

Where i'm at there is really no coverage, i am always on edge which sucks cause i barely get service out here in the rural areas. I hope they do something about it really soon.

Anonymous 22nd February 2011

T-mobile employees and cooperation are liars. They live by the motto "Stick together" but guess what they will "fall together" because Verizon and At&T even Sprint is better than T-mobile.

Anonymous 22nd February 2011

I remember one time, I had a problem with a T-mobile store they did not want to give me their names or managers name. That is poor customer service. I really don't have nothing good to say about T-mobile but they suck

Anonymous 22nd February 2011

Why am I paying for a phone that I cant use? I pay my bill every month on time. I cant even use it. I HATE T-mobile.

Anonymous 21st February 2011

I had T-mobile in the past and it was my worst nightmare. I had to cancel my contract because I was not satisfied with the customer skills of the sales associate and my billing was always too high. They do not offer great plans and the customer service isn't that great. I am not now with VERIZON...Thanks T-mobile, for wasting my time and money.

Anonymous 21st February 2011

The people in T-mobile stores don't even know what they are doing.

Anonymous 21st February 2011

T-mobile has the worst customer service ever!

Anonymous 21st February 2011

T-mobile sucks...I am canceling my service. They have the worse customer service and there insurance is pointless

Anonymous 21st February 2011

I've been a loyal customer/fan of T-Mobile for over 5 years, and that in and of itself speaks volumes! I definitely can't speak for others, but the service and moderately wide range of devices I've been offered by T-Mobile has either met or exceeded my expectations since being with T-Mobile, which is why I've never left them! There are 3 things I can undoubtedly count on when it comes to T-Mobile, and they are: excellent customer service, more value for my buck and choices! With that said, T-Mobile hasn't always been known for having the latest in technologically advanced devices, but here recently I'm even seeing that take a turn in the right direction. Kudos to T-Mobile!

Anonymous 21st February 2011

Do you work for T-mobile or something? lol

Anonymous 21st February 2011

I pay 100 bucks each month. I have a blackberry. This is my second phone in the year (15months) of my contract. I have had the worse experiences with this phone company---from rude customer service and to my phone being broken. My phone is broken now. They don't even do in-store exchanges, so I could get me a phone. I am so sick of this company. I work and I am college student, I spend all this money on this phone and I receive NO HELP and terrible customer service. I pay my phone bill 2 weeks before its due never late. But they want me to pay 50 bucks for a loaner phone. WHAT? I would have 50 dollars if I didn't pay my phone bill. I am so upset. I don't even have a phone to use. I am crying...I really hate T-mobile,
Update: The lady is going to accuse me of water damage. I didn't even drop my phone in the water.I told her I switch batteries and it still did not work...She even switch batteries and it didn't work...Omg...I am so annoyed.

Anonymous 6th March 2011

I agree...they are terrible

Anonymous 22nd February 2011

there is either a red dot for water damage or not...and if your paying upfront for a loaner then its because your on flexpay and your credit sucks ...get over it

Anonymous 22nd February 2011

U must be a T-mobile employee...because you are getting personal..It really isn't that serious...

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