T-10 analysis: Twilight uses social poster campaign to build fan anticipation

T-10 analysis: Twilight uses social poster campaign to build fan anticipation

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By getting fans actively involved, Lionsgate's worldwide social countdown for Breaking Dawn: Part 2's final poster builds strong intent to view at the crucial week, T-6.

Twilight has an enormous social following; over a million Twitter followers and 35,000,000 Facebook fans. The franchise has gradually been building up fan excitement with content on their favourite characters and scenes from the films. In week T-6 Twilight asked its fans to join the “countdown” to the release of different segments of the final movie poster, getting them to Tweet it using #twilightcountdown. This poster has already been shared 60,000 times on Facebook.
Twilight was already performing strongly in social at week T-9, driven by fan excitement following the release of the final trailer. However, at the T-6 landmark, the Twilight countdown gets fans to really engage with the franchise and boosts intent to view by almost 50% in a single week. This demonstrates how social media can help leverage smaller content releases, such as a poster, to create ever increasing excitement about an upcoming movie.

Growth in intent to view for Twilight accelerates sharply at week T-6:

  • At week T-9, the trailer release a few days earlier causes a groundswell of excitement: The trailer release prompted fans to tweet that they “can’t wait”
  • At week T-6, intent to view grows by almost 50%: By getting fans to join in and share parts of the new poster, Twilight is able to successfully engage them and build intent around the new movie

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