T-10 analysis: The Avengers shows the importance of creating an interactive social campaign

T-10 analysis: The Avengers shows the importance of creating an interactive social campaign

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The Avengers’ demonstrates how an interactive and well co-ordinated Facebook campaign is important in driving a groundswell of fan engagement and ever increasing anticipation on social media.

The box office success of the year, The Avengers, utilised a number of social media best practices in the weeks before its domestic release. In its “Assemble” campaign it encouraged fans from US cities to join the page, by opening advance screenings to those cities who managed to get the most fans to like the page. Throughout the campaign, they also consistently posted relevant and interesting content to keep engagement high, such as pictures of the international premieres in the weeks before the domestic launch.
Last week T-10 highlighted the benefits of a well integrated campaign, by looking at The Hunger Games. The Avengers shows the importance of making sure your campaign is interactive and encourages fans to actively participate. Getting the cities to compete resulted in a spike in community growth and  increased intent to view on Twitter. The community continued to prosper and The Avengers then publicised real world events, such as the international premieres, through Twitter and Facebook, to further drive intent to view on social media.

Facebook “Assemble” campaign leads to pick up in community growth and corresponding surge in anticipation for Avengers at an early stage:

  • At T-7 the “Assemble” campaign helps gain 60,000 new Facebook fans and a 76% increase in intent to view: This was the largest proportional increase in intent week-on-week and meant that The Avengers had a strong base of social anticipation to build on at an early stage
  • Two weeks before release anticipation and community size grow rapidly: Community growth remains strong and content, such as pictures of premieres across the globe, helps to stoke domestic fan excitement just before the release

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