Superdrug’s Facebook polling strategy gets fans promoting its own-label products

Superdrug’s Facebook polling strategy gets fans promoting its own-label products

Superdrug show that a brand can create positive buzz around its products by asking Facebook fans to share their favourite one. 53% of responses come from consumers recommending Superdrug’s own label products, revealing the effectiveness of asking your online community a simple question.

Superdrug recently posted a series of questions on its Facebook page such as ‘Which skincare product works wonders for you?’ or ‘What is your favourite budget skincare buy?'. The beauty retailer also advises fans that their comments might be selected to feature in Superdrug’s marketing campaigns. This is a similar approach to other brands such as HP or UNIQLO who also use social media for crowd-sourcing.
WaveMetrix analysis shows that Superdrug’s strategy creates positive buzz around its products, with 53% of comments recommending one of Superdrug’s own-label products. In comparison, only 38% of comments recommend a competitor product. What’s more, the comments provide Superdrug with a pool of strongly positive and very detailed comments to use in marketing initiatives. This suggests that Facebook polling can be a simple, but highly effective strategy.
53% of fans respond by recommending a Superdrug product:

  • 53% of responses cite a Superdrug product as the “favourite”:  fans mention a borad range of products, from the “gorgeously rich” Vitamin E body butter to the Little Green Tin which "smells really nice"
  • Competitor products attract a third less buzz with only 38% of fans citing them: This reveals the effectiveness if Superdrug's approach in using Facebook fans to drive buzz around its own products. In addition, only 9% do not mention a product at all, further highlighting the richness of fans' responses to Superdrug's questions

Fans' responses provide Superdrug with rich and positive comments to re-use in marketing campaigns:

  • Fans mention all the products they "love": Looking at the words most commonly used by fans citing their "favourite" Superdrug products shows that the retailer's approach has successfully crowd-sourced marketing content. Consumers discuss how their product "smells", how they "use" it and its "amazing" effects


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