Snickers show the benefits of keeping it simple

Snickers show the benefits of keeping it simple

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The Snickers Facebook page shows that simple posts can effectively engage a large online community and stimulate positive discussion.

Snickers’ Facebook page has a large following with 2,100,000 fans. Snickers uses simple and regular wall posts to engage its online community. The community manager posts funny YouTube clips and humorous hypothetical situations up on the wall, and after each one the tagline “you're probably hungry” is then added.

As discussed by WaveMetrix last week in an article about Frito-Lay, managing “super-size” Facebook pages can be a tricky task. While these communities represent a significant marketing resource there can also be logistical difficulties in engaging with them. WaveMetrix analysis of the Snickers Facebook page shows that, by keeping it simple, Snickers is able to build a positive relationship between consumer and community manager. The posts also generate high levels of “love” for brand and product and significant purchase discussion.

Most consumers respond to the content of the post itself:

  • The majority of consumer responses concern the actual post content, such as video clips: Users seem to genuinely appreciate the community manager entertaining them with "funny" and "classic" YouTube clips. There is also significant neutral conversation about post content which is driven by consumers making their own witty retorts to the posts, but this still demonstrates consumer willingness to engage with the page on a conversational level
  • The posts stimulate a large amount of love for both the Snickers product and brand: The content of the posts effectively engages the consumer audience with both product and brand. The vast majority discussing the two topics reply that they "love” Snickers which is “the best”

A fifth of consumers reply they are eating or going to eat Snickers:

  • A significant minority reply that they are going to buy or bought Snickers: Some of the consumer discussion of product also translates into purchase discussion as they reply they are “hungry” and going to “grab” a Snickers

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