Ronaldo fans and detractors hijack Castrol's social media campaign

Ronaldo fans and detractors hijack Castrol's social media campaign

Castrol’s partnership with Cristiano Ronaldo shows the power of celebrity endorsements, but suggests that associations with celebrities can see campaigns highjacked by fans and detractors on social media platforms.

Oil brand Castrol recently launched a Facebook and YouTube campaign called #RonaldoLive, as part of their ongoing relationship with Real Madrid and Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo. The campaign gave fans of the brand’s football Facebook page the chance to interact with Ronaldo, by choosing targets for the star to hit in a live challenge. A video of the challenge was then posted on YouTube, garnering 273,810 views as of June 13.
WaveMetrix has previously shown how brands such as Armani and Coors Light have generated positive engagement on social media. As with those campaigns, online reactions to Cristiano Ronaldo’s endorsement of Castrol tend to be positive, with some saying they “love” the star. However, only 5% of buzz around the campaign focuses on Castrol. In addition, almost a third of buzz is generated by a debate about whether Ronaldo or Lionel Messi is the best footballer in the world. This reaction suggests that although celebrity endorsements can successfully build engagement around a campaign, they are liable to be hijacked by fans or detractors on social media platforms.
Buzz focuses on Ronaldo and his rivalry with Lionel Messi, rather than Castrol:
  • Only 5% of buzz discusses Castrol, with the brand overshadowed by Ronaldo himself: though consumers who do discuss Castrol are positive about the brand, Ronaldo steals the limelight, generating almost two thirds of total buzz
  • Though Ronaldo is praised, his rivalry with Messi generates some negativity: the debate highlights the way that celebrity endorsements can be hijacked by fans and detractors on social media platforms

50 most used words in buzz around the campaign are dominated by Ronaldo and Messi, with Castrol barely mentioned:

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