Reliance on Bollywood pays dividends for Indian mobile network

Reliance on Bollywood pays dividends for Indian mobile network

By utilising the glamour and national passion for Bollywood, Reliance Mobile successfully engage the Indian population and create a larger, more dynamic and positive online community.
In little over a month, Reliance Mobile, one of the leading Indian mobile networks, has almost doubled its Facebook presence from 360,000 fans to over 700,000. They regularly post pictures of Bollywood stars, such as Hrithik Roshan, on their wall, asking questions like  “Which actor do you think is simply the better dancer?” and supplement these with regular competitions and promotions of their brand and services.
Reliance's posts on Bollywood generate twice the number of likes and six times the number of comments of other posts. This demonstrates that industries, such as telecoms, can harness local passions not directly related to their services to successfully grow their online presence. WaveMetrix analysis also shows that while consumers respond less frequently to Reliance’s marketing and promotions, they are highly positive. This shows Reliance's approach has not only resulted in a rapidly expanding and dynamic online community, but also fostered an online fanbase that positively engages with the brand and its services.
Bollywood posts generate almost double the number of likes and more than six times the number of responses compared to other posts:
This expanded Reliance community reacts very positively to Reliance’s brand and services:
  • Responses to Bollywood post are largely neutral in tone: Indian consumers engage readily with the commmunity manager, but focus their discussion on the strengths and merits of their Bollywood idols
  • However, responses on Facebook to Reliance’s promotions are overwhelmingly positive: Reliance’s posts on topics , such as its updated mascot, the Android Blue Bot, and phone giveaways, are very positively received by its Facebook community who “love Reliance 3G”. This demonstrates Reliance’s approach has not only grown its online presence, but helped create a community which postively engages with Reliance's services



Anonymous 22nd June 2012

Even when the brand posts 'Who do you think is a simply better actor' it is in conjunction with the new ATL approach in the ads. I saw their ads on TV having a new tagline simply better. So I see a good connect created by between the content created and their marketing communication.

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