Reebok introduce ‘social motivation’ with their Promise Keeper app

Reebok introduce ‘social motivation’ with their Promise Keeper app

Reebok show marketers how a brand can use social media to play a bigger part in the consumer’s private life, by making them commit to goals before their entire social media base of friends of followers. The Promise Keeper app gets users talking about exercise in general and contributes to Reebok’s ‘fun’ image.

Reebok's Promise Keeper app was recently released for Android and Apple users. It is essentially a workout planning tool with GPS tracking, launched to promote their new ZigTech trainers. As the video commercial explains, the app has an extra social dimension because users have to commit their running plan to their Facebook friends and Twitter followers. This adds a layer of ‘social motivation’ as friends and followers are informed when the Promise Keeper user doesn’t follow through on their plan. Just as geolocalised apps like Facebook Deals or Foursquare introduced a spacial aspect, Reebok’s Promise Keeper links social media to time and scheduling, making the brand more relevant to the consumer’s daily activities.
WaveMetrix analysis shows that the Promise Keeper app is very well received by users who enjoy sharing their exercise routine with others online. The app has also proven successful in generating a positive consumer response to Reebok’s new ZigTech trainers, which have special soles meant to give the runner an ‘energy boost’. In addition, the Promise Keeper app has a positive impact on the brand’s fun image.
Promise Keeper is well received by users and also prompts discussion around the ZigTech trainers:
  • Half the discussion is focused on the Promise Keeper app itself: 50% of users responding to the Promise Keeper app are positive, describing it as “exactly” what they need to get motivated to exercise. They say Promise Keeper is “cool” and a “great idea” and they like the thought that they “can’t get away” with not keeping to their running plan
  • General exercise makes up 30% of discussion: The Promise Keeper app also prompts users to talk about exercise in general, with 30% referring to the difficulty of finding motivation or the different types of exercise they like to do. This highlights the relevance of the app in users’ everyday lives
  • Consumers also discuss the ZigTech trainers: 20% of users responding to the Promise Keeper app talk about the ZigTech trainers, which shows users positively link the two. Some say they’d “like to try” the trainers, although a few find their design “weird” and “don’t believe” that they make running easier
 The Promise Keeper app enhances Reebok’s image as a ‘fun’ and ‘exercise partner’ brand:


  •  Promise Keeper app has a positive impact on Reebok' 'fun' brand image: 46% of consumer response to the the Promise Keeper app reflects users' perception of Reebok as a 'fun' brand, whilst a further 28% perceive Reebok as an 'exericse partner', saying the app "helps" them with keeping to their running schedule


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