PG Tips sustain fan engagement through personal lifestyle questions

PG Tips sustain fan engagement through personal lifestyle questions

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PG Tips show how to become the number one most engaging brand on Facebook, by asking fans how their tea fits into every day life. The high volume of responses provides PG Tips with a wealth of consumer information to help shape marketing and brand image.

A recent study reveals PG Tips is the UK brand with the strongest active engagement on Facebook, measured by the social network’s new ‘People talking about this’ number. The metric gives some context to the number of Likes by measuring the proportion of fans who recently interacted with the brand. PG Tips achieve this by asking questions about how tea fits into their fans’ daily routine, as well as posting about their mascott Monkey.
WaveMetrix analysis shows that PG Tips strategy of asking questions about their fans’ lifestyle not only sustains engagement, but also prompts fans to share things like how they drink their tea, when they enjoy it most and what else they eat whilst drinking it. This information is invaluable for brands to understand how consumers make the emotional connection between buying a box of PG Tips and the thought of “drinking a warm cup of tea whilst snuggling on the sofa”.
Comments related to usage scenarios around drinking tea make up 83% of Facebook fan buzz:
  • Fans discussing tea-drinking accounts for 83% of discussion: PG Tips fans respond to the brand's questions about how they drink tea by sharing lifestyle information - some like tea "with a lovely bacon sandwhich" whilst others like to "speak to friends on Facebook" or "stroke their cats" when drinking PG Tips

Fans associate PG Tips with "yum" and "delicious":

  • Analysis of fan responses reveals what they associate tea with: This provides PG Tips with deep insight into consumers' emotional connections with tea, which can help the brand build an image that strongly resonates with them


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