Owner experiences are twice as important as attributes for automotive loyalty discussion

Owner experiences are twice as important as attributes for automotive loyalty discussion

Experiential factors such as the feelings whilst driving a car and its reliability drive double the amount of loyalty buzz as attributes such as style and value for money. This emphasis comes from reviews, where consumers give an overall appraisal of their experiences. We have seen that consumer reviews drive 88% of loyalty buzz. Brands should therefore pay careful attention to these to understand how consumers’ experiences impact loyalty. This will enable brands to target potential improvements, or emphasise positively-discussed aspects to persuade others to convert to the brand.

Using the methodology outlined in the previous article, WaveMetrix analysts read and coded discussion to understand the reasons consumers gave for their loyalty or defection. When consumers have not offered any reason, their opinion has been coded as “General”.   
Consumers who remain loyal cite aspects related to their experiences twice as often as their judgement of the car’s attributes:
Automotive loyalty: % loyalty discussion by topic

  • Experiential aspects have the most impact on consumers who remain loyal: half of all loyalty discussion relates to experiences rather than a judgement on whether a car is stylish or offers value for money

  • Positive driving experiences motivate consumers to stay loyal: 17% of loyal consumers refer to the emotions they feel whilst driving or their judgement of its power and handling
A “word cloud” of comments on driving performance shows that consumers often attach emotions to their reasons for remaining loyal or defecting:
Automotive loyalty: driving performance word cloud
  • Many consumers refer to an emotion felt whilst driving: consumers say that a generally “great” or “fun” experience means they will remain loyal. Understanding the emotions consumers feel when driving and using these in messaging could help brands persuade more consumers to buy their models
Experiential factors, in particular issues of reliability, also have a major impact on defecting consumers:
Automotive loyalty: % defection buzz by topic

  •  56% of consumers say that they will defect because of poor experiences: this is twice as many that say they will defect because of negative judgements of their car’s attributes

  • Issues with a car’s reliability is the main reason why consumers say they will defect: Some consumers say that it is “frustrating” when their car “breaks down all the time” and this deters them from buying again
Our previous article demonstrated that 88% of automotive loyalty discussion occurs in consumer reviews. Consumer says how their overall experiences impact on their intent to remain loyal to the brand. Therefore, brands should monitor reviews to understand how consumers’ experiences impact their loyalty.
In the forthcoming articles we will look at specific brands as case studies for loyalty discussion.

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