OPI double purchase desire on Facebook by linking their launch to Pinterest content

OPI double purchase desire on Facebook by linking their launch to Pinterest content

OPI show how to boost purchase desire by combining Facebook product launches with content on other platforms.

Earlier this year, cosmetics brand OPI launched their new Mariah Carey nail polish line up by announcing its release on their Facebook page, with a link to more content about it on a dedicated Pinterest board. In contrast, other OPI posts announcing new products simply showcase the new range rather than pointing consumers to other related content.
By comparing consumers’ response to OPI’s Mariah Carey range launch with other OPI product launches, we have seen that linking the launch to more pictures on Pinterest drives higher desirability around the new nail range. 19% of fans express their desire to purchase the Mariah Carey nail polish collection, more than double than the 8% average for other OPI launches, including other celebrity ranges such as Nicki Minaj. This shows that encouraging consumers to invest more time in a product with varied content can boost anticipation and encourage them to say they “want” it. Toyota achieved a similar result by linking their new Avalon launch to extra content on YouTube.
OPI double purchase desire by linking launch to extra content on Pinterest:
  • Linking launch to content on other platforms encourages purchase desire: OPI's Mariah Carey range gets 60% more fans to express purchase desire compared to other OPI product launches, with consumers saying they “can’t wait” to try on these “awesome” nail swatches

This case study is part of our new Q4 2012 social media summary show best practices to drive purchase desire on Facebook. You can read the full report for free here.


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