O2 show how to leverage m-commerce with location-based offers

O2 show how to leverage m-commerce with location-based offers

O2’s introduction of location-based offers exclusively available to users is successful in driving positive engagement with the brand and linking users amongst each other based on location. These more tailored offers also contribute positively to O2’s image as a relevant brand.

Many retailers such as H&M or New Look have recently embraced m-commerce, launching fully-functional mobile applications. Now the next step for mobile marketing is to incorporate location-based services. O2 More, O2 Media’s offers and discounts service, has recently upgraded to include location-based offers using GPS positioning. O2 has recently partnered with retailer Co-op, adding to the portfolio of brands, which includes Marks and Spencer, Adidas and Sainsbury’s.
WaveMetrix analysis of the O2 Facebook page shows that O2 More has a positive impact on consumer perception of the brand and generates a favourable response among users. In addition, the location-based aspect of the app drives a sense of community among users who have benefitted from the same local offers.
O2 More drives a positive reaction from users, especially towards the O2 brand:


  • 37% of consumer responses are positive reactions to the O2 brand: 37% of discussion from users responding the O2 More offers comes from them praising the O2 brand. They say O2 is “really cool” for the offers it provides and that they “love” being an O2 customer thanks to the O2 More service. Negative discussion around the O2 brand is low in relation to the O2 More service
  • A third of users discuss the O2 More offers: 34% of consumer buzz relates directly to the offers. Consumers praise the offers they “used” and share ideas for new offers they would like to see. Very few are negative, but a couple say they can’t find offers which “apply” to their interests
  • A quarter of discussion relates to the location-based aspect of the offers: People discuss offers that are available “near them”, forming small communities of users based on their location. This reflects the extra dimension brought on by location-based offers
O2 More contributes positively to consumer perception of the O2 brand, especially its “cool” and “relevant” image:

  • The brand attributes reflected in discussion around the O2 More offers reveals a positive impact on O2’s brand image: O2 More’s effect on the brand’s “cool” and “fun” image is reflected in 42% of consumer discussion. This shows that partnerships with retailers which give users exclusive offers are well received
  • 33% of discussion supports O2's image as a 'relevant' brand: 33% of discussion suggests that users perceive O2 as “relevant” to them. This is a result of the tailored and location-based side of O2 More, as users only receive offers which they have opted-in for and within their location


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