Nokia Lumia 1020 realtime reaction shows consumers are "impressed" with camera, but deterred by US pricing options

Nokia Lumia 1020 realtime reaction shows consumers are "impressed" with camera, but deterred by US pricing options

Consumer Twitter reaction to the launch of Nokia’s 41MP Lumia 1020 shows they are impressed with the "amazing" imaging capabilities. However, the announcement of the $299 price tag and AT&T exclusivity drive negativity, suggesting these factors may act as purchase barriers for the handset.

This article analyses the real time Twitter reaction to Nokia’s New York press conference, where the 41 megapixel Lumia 1020 was showcased last Thursday. Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop launched the device, which is pitched as revolutionising smartphone camera capabilities. Nokia hope the imaging strengths of this handset will help it regain market share against more dominant competitors such as Samsung and Apple.
Our analysis reveals that the imaging USP of the handset is well received, with those discussing the camera often going on to say they are likely to purchase the handset. However, consumers are more sceptical towards the $299 price of the handset, with some also criticising AT&T exclusivity.
Unsurprisingly, the camera emerges as the key strength of the 1020, but price and AT&T exclusivity deter some:
Nokia Lumia 1020 realtime reaction shows consumers "impressed" with camera, but deterred by US pricing options
Camera discussion moves closely with intent to purchase:
Consumers impressed with Lumia 1020’s imaging capability, but other features still more important
1. Build up to the event starts, with speculation over what device Nokia will unveil

2. As the presentation begins, consumer discussion begins to build. Elop begins to talk about Nokia’s imaging heritage then launches the 1020, emphasising that it can help you “see more than your eye can”. He goes on to talk about oversampling specifics, showing examples of how the 1020 produces pictures and video

3. Overall buzz peaks during the middle of the presentation, when Elop moves away from imaging and the price and release date of the handset are revealed. This peak in discussion is not accompanied by a rise in intent to purchase, reinforcing that the price and AT&T exclusivity may be a barrier to purchase for consumers

4. Elop rounds off the presentation with a focus on photographers themselves and the theme of “creating new memories”. This end of the presentation drives the biggest surge in intent to buy and the biggest focus on the camera feature itself, although this does not eclipse earlier peaks in discussion when the presentation was focused on non-imaging features

5. Discussion falls away after the event, with only a few consumers offering an opinion about the device

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