Nivea drive engagement and intent by crowd-sourcing the name of their new shower gel on Facebook

Nivea drive engagement and intent by crowd-sourcing the name of their new shower gel on Facebook

Nivea show how a brand can encourage fans to share their intention to buy a new product by getting Facebook fans involved with the product before its launch.

Nivea recently held a competition on their Facebook page, asking their 508,000 fans to think of names for their brand new shower gel for a chance to win a year’s supply of Nivea products. Three entries were shortlisted, from which fans picked the final winning name. Other brands such as UNIQLO and HP have successfully used crowd-sourcing to make consumers feel involved and more likely to spread advocacy and brand love. Encouranging fans to express purchase intent is even more challenging, but Nivea’s crowd-sourcing competition shows it can be achieved.
WaveMetrix analysis shows that Nivea successfully prompts high engagement by asking for product name suggestions from their Facebook fans, with the percentage of People Talking About This increasing during the competition period and overtaking competitor brands. In addition, the competition prompts 12% of consumers to say they “can’t wait” to try the new Hawaiian Bliss shower gel, which suggests that getting consumers more personally involved can help build excitement around new products.

The competition boosts engagement on Nivea’s Facebook page:
  • The level of engagement grows during the competition: The proportion of People Talking About This peaks and grows significantly higher than that of the competitors during the competition period, showing that Nivea is successful in engaging fans to create buzz around their new product
The announcement of the winning name leads consumers to express their desire to buy the new shower gel:
  • Nivea’s crowd-sourcing approach generates a desire to buy the new product: 12% of those who comment on competition-related posts explicitly say that they “can’t wait” to try Nivea’s new shower gel


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