NBC gets viewers Ready For Love with early social media campaign

NBC gets viewers Ready For Love with early social media campaign

NBC’s Ready For Love campaign suggests that brands can benefit from building social media buzz even when a product is in its infancy.

In early April NBC launched a Facebook page for upcoming dating show Ready For Love, even though the series is not set to debut until winter 2012. The page features photos and videos of the show’s male contestants and promotional clips featuring the show’s hosts Giuliana and Bill Rancic and executive producer Eva Longoria. In addition, the page gives female fans the chance to apply to be on the show. As of May 3 the page has generated 2,256 likes.
WaveMetrix analysis suggests that the page has been successful in building early excitement around the show. Almost all of the responses on the page are positive, while over 8% express definite intent to view the show, even at this early stage in the release cycle. In addition, by making the show’s contestants and cast members a key part of the page’s content, NBC has also built positivity around the show’s assets, all of which are praised. The campaign’s promising start suggests that brands can successfully build positive engagement around a product, even if it is a long way from release.
Responses on the page show strong intent to view, even at this early stage:
  • Over 95% of responses express positive intent to view Ready For Love: Most express “interest” in the show, which some call “a cool concept”, while 8% say they will definitely view the show and already “can’t wait” for its release
  • Intent is driven by "sweet" male contestants: Some fans say they "wish they could meet the guys in person" and that they "get excited about the show everytime they see" images featuring the men


All aspects of the show are praised in early buzz:

  • Ready For Love’s Facebook page builds positivity around the show’s assets: Most buzz is general, with consumers calling the show “cool” and “great”, but a significant amount focuses on the show’s “hot” male contestants, who give some "new faith" that there are "still good men out there" and "wonderful" hosts Giuliana and Bill Rancic, who some call "the perfect couple"


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