Namco shows how to drive different types of consumer engagement on YouTube

Namco shows how to drive different types of consumer engagement on YouTube

Namco Bandai Games’ graffiti based YouTube video for SoulCalibur V shows how brands can increase engagement by appealing to broader audiences, though resulting buzz may not necessarily focus on the brand’s products.

On January 30 Namco Bandai Games released two videos via their official YouTube channel promoting upcoming ‘beat ‘em up’ SoulCalibur V. One video features footage of graffiti artists painting a mural of the game’s characters, while the other is a more traditional trailer, focusing on footage of the game itself. The graffiti video has received more views and generated more comments than the traditional trailer, though comments tend to be less focused on the game itself than those generated by the more traditional trailer.

WaveMetrix analysis has previously shown how Hewlett Packard used Halloween excitement to generate engagement on the brand’s Facebook page. Like HP’s pumpkin carving campaign, the graffiti video for SoulCalibur V has generated higher amounts of engagement than the brand’s more traditional marketing. However, in both cases, buzz around the more unusual marketing has focused on the campaign itself, rather than the product. This suggests that while brand’s can successfully engage a broader audience by diversifying their social media marketing, campaigns which are targeted at the brand’s traditional, core audience may be more effective in generating anticipation about the brands products.

SoulCalibur V’s graffiti video generates greater engagement than the traditional trailer (true as of 11am GMT , Feb 1):

  • SoulCalibur’s graffiti video generates more than twice as many comments as the traditional trailer: Some describe the video as “simply amazing” and say they are left “speechless” by the “masterful” art on show
  • The grafitti video has been viewed 23,155 times, compared to 5,272 views for the traditional trailer: This suggests that diverse matererial is more likely to be shared than traditional marketing

However, Buzz around the traditional trailer is more focused on the game itself:

  • Discussion around the graffiti video focuses more on the art and music in the video: Most discuss the incredible graffiti and “perfect” soundtrack, with only a few consumers mentioning the “sick” game itself
  • Buzz around the traditional trailer is more focused on the game: Most say the trailer was “amazing” and say that “SoulCalibur will be the best fighting game of 2012”, with some saying they have "already pre-ordered the game", suggesting that traditional marketing may be more effective at engaging a brand's core audience in discussion specifically about its products


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