Mercedes-Benz engage 10% of their community by focusing content on new models

Mercedes-Benz engage 10% of their community by focusing content on new models

Mercedes-Benz USA achieve 10% engagement in their community by focusing on new models, whilst other automotive brands get much lower traction.
In our article introducing the engagement deficit, we showed how the proportion of Facebook fans actively involved drops as a community grows larger. We also promised to share some of the strategies used by the communities who are successfully keeping their fans highly engaged whilst continuing to grow their fanbase. The first outstanding community we have analysed is Mercedes-Benz USA's Facebook page, whose proportion of People Talking About This is double that of other automotive pages.
At first glance, Mercedes-Benz USA don't do anything differently to other auto brands. They don't post more questions, or post more often, or with more images or videos than other brands. However, our analysis finally revealed that their key differentiator is posting more about new models than other brands. 40% of Mercedes-Benz’ content is about newly released cars or prototypes, versus 25% or less for other brands. However, across all brands’ content, posts about new models drive a third more engagement than other topics. Mercedes-Benz USA are achieving high traction in their community by focusing on this strategy, showing the importance of adjusting the content mix to encourage fan involvement.
Mercedes-Benz USA has three times more engagement than average:


Proportion of content about new models versus proportion of People Talking About This:


  • Brands who post more about new models get higher engagement: 40% of Mercedes-Benz Facebook content features newly announced models or prototypes. Even if these are unattainable for the majority of Mercedes-Benz fans, they drive excitement around the brand's innovations
Posts about new models get more likes, shares and comments:
  • Posts about new models get a third more engagement: When brands post about new models, they drive higher likes, shares and comments. However, most brands do not emphasize this strategy as much as Mercedes-Benz USA, explaining why they have lower engagement overall

 Mercedes-Benz' most successful post in the last six months introduces the new C63 AMG:


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