Maybelline use Sina Weibo to engage owners and Renren for campaigns and competitions

Maybelline use Sina Weibo to engage owners and Renren for campaigns and competitions

Maybelline’s dual approach to reaching Chinese consumers online shows how a brand can leverage different platforms to connect with different consumer types and to achieve diverse results.

WaveMetrix have previously shown how brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Clinique are using the social platform Sina Weibo to connect with Chinese consumers. Sina Weibo appears to be the social media platform of choice for most brands to stage their engagement with consumers in China, whilst fewer brands have exploited the potential of Renren, a Facebook-esque social network. Maybelline, however, have used a combined approach using Sina Weibo as their brand’s main platform and Renren as a complementary hub for product-specific campaigns such as their B.B. cream.
WaveMetrix analysis shows that Maybelline’s approach is effective in approaching different types of users. Sina Weibo proves most successful in engaging owners, whilst the B.B. cream page on Renren attracts users interested in the product, including potential owners. However, WaveMetrix analysis shows that whilst Maybelline’s Renren page generates higher product engagement than their Sina Weibo platform, the majority of discussion focuses on the celebrities which Maybelline post pictures of.
Sina Weibo proves most effective at engaging owners:
  • Maybelline's Sina Weibo page attracts many more owners than their Renren page: 75% of discussion on Maybelline's Sina Weibo page is from owners, reflecting the success of the brand's approach in engaging its own consumers. They are prompted to share their experiences of Maybelline products they've tried and give others tips of how to use them. By posting about a range of products as well as campaigns, Maybelline successfully uses Sina Weibo as a hub to engage their users
  • Only a quarter of discussion on Renren is driven current or potential owners: Maybelline uses Renren in a time-specific way and focuses on a new product launch. The brand creates engagement about their newly launched B.B. cream from potential owners who they say it "looks good" and "want to try it". However, discussion from potential and current owners only makes up around 25% of buzz, indicating that most engagement comes from general consumers

Maybelline's Renren page attracts more general discussion than brand or product-specific buzz:



  • Consumers on the Renren Maybelline page engage with the brand in a much more general manner: Reflecting the low proportion of potential and current owners, Maybelline's page on Renren attracts a very low proportion of product and brand buzz. Almost 90% of discussion is general in nature as consumers talk about the pictures of celebrities and entertainment events which Maybelline posts about. This highlights the fact that Maybelline aren't as successful as they could have been in engaging users around a specific product


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