Made In Chelsea’s tweet-alongs drive engagement on Twitter

Made In Chelsea’s tweet-alongs drive engagement on Twitter

Made In Chelsea successfully boosts engagement by using the programme’s handle (@E4Chelsea) and cast handles to tweet-along during each episode. The UK reality show’s tweet-alongs encourage fans to interact with social properties, with over 38% of tweets (34,000) mentioning an official handle during a recent episode.

WaveMetrix has investigated how Made In Chelsea has maximised social engagement by analysing Twitter discussion surrounding Dec 9’s episode.

The airing of a new episode is the key period for engaging fans on social media. During Dec 9’s episode, Made In Chelsea generated over 88,000 tweets, with the show’s tweet-along playing an important role in driving engagement. Cast handles and @E4Chelsea post frequently throughout an episode, tweeting 172 times during Dec 9’s show. These tweet-alongs resonate with fans, with re-tweets alone accounting for 13% of all buzz during the episode.

Made In Chelsea: tweets per hour, Dec 5 – December 12 
  • Each episode of Made In Chelsea is a highly social event, with fans interacting with the show through Twitter: Engagement during the hour of Dec 9’s episode was over 30 times higher than the week’s average

Made In Chelsea: tweets by type, Dec 9 21.30 – 23.30 (GMT) 

  • Made In Chelsea’s Twitter properties successfully engage fans: 38% of all Tweets during Dec 9’s episode featured either a cast member handle or @E4Chelsea, with the show utilising TV and social media to promote awareness of official accounts 
Made In Chelsea: tweets by official handle, Dec 9 21.30 – 23.30 (GMT) 
  • Encouraging cast members to tweet throughout an episode adds to and surpasses programme handle tweet-alongs: The show’s onscreen talent are a major social asset, with mentions of @imLucyWatson occurring in one in ten tweets during the show’s airing

@imLucyWatson mentions: tweets per minute, Dec 9 21.30 – 23.30 (GMT)


  • @imLucyWatson piques fan engagement by posting episode-related content: Though @imLucyWatson only posted five times around Dec 9’s episode, each tweet resulted in a fervent reaction from fans

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