MAC Cosmetics, NASA and Oreo get personal with Facebook and Twitter fans – Top 10 social media lessons

MAC Cosmetics, NASA and Oreo get personal with Facebook and Twitter fans – Top 10 social media lessons

Lesson number four: Giving social communities a more personal edge can boost positivity and engagement.

In the last few weeks, we’ve been celebrating our 500th blog article by going back through the years and picking the top ten social media lessons. Lesson three looked at how Twitter allows brands to provide real-time exclusive content.
This week, lesson number four shows how brands have benefitted from building brand personas to address fan communities. Having a brand persona can help lift the corporate barrier, by helping the brand come across as just another friend or follower.
In Q4 2012, we analysed two different approaches to building a brand personas. NASA tweets from the viewpoint of its Mars rover ‘Curiosity’ to create a friendly and less corporate environment. MAC Cosmetics use the approach of getting employees to tweet as well, which leads to higher reach and increased positivity from followers.
MAC Cosmetics reach more fans with employee handles:
Today many brands use a similar approach to NASA and engage their social communities from the viewpoint of a brand mascot. This helps to soften their corporate image and encourages fans to engage in a more positive way. Other brands have followed MAC Cosmetics and get their employees to tweet for a more personal touch.
For example, Oreo often tweet from the perspective of a cookie, giving their handle a light-hearted feel:

Duracell’s Facebook page uses the Duracell Bunny to engage with fans, whilst PG Tips uses their mascot Monkey:
DELL use a similar approach to MAC by getting their employees to tweet from a DELL-branded personal handle:
Getting employees to be more personal on Twitter can also help with customer service. Previous analysis shows that using named reps on customer support handles creates less negative interaction.

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