L’Oreal shows how to increase your ‘People talking about this’ ratio with celebrity content

L’Oreal shows how to increase your ‘People talking about this’ ratio with celebrity content

Facebook’s new ‘People talking about this’ metric puts increasing pressure on brands to create engaging social media content. A comparison between L’Oreal and Maybelline’s Facebook strategies shows how celeb-related content can achieve this.

The new ‘People talking about this’ Facebook metric measures user-initiated activity related to a Page in the past week, including posting to a Page’s Wall, “liking,” commenting, sharing a Page post or content on the Page, answering a Question posed to fans, mentioning a Page. Although this number changes daily, analysing the reasons behind its increases can reveal which content posted by a brand’s Facebook handle in the past week has been most successful in engaging consumers.
WaveMetrix analysis of the content posted by L’Oreal in comparison to that shared by Maybelline reveals that celebrity-related posts succeed in driving more Facebook users into active engagement. Last Friday, L’Oreal’s ratio of Likes vs People talking about this was higher than Maybelline’s. To understand the reasons behind this, WaveMetrix looked at the differences in content posted by the two brands in the seven days prior to the 21st October. This shows that L’Oreal posted celebrity-related content, such as pictures of Doutzen Kroes or Gwen Stefani wearing L’Oreal products, which stimulated high engagement from Facebook users. In contrast, Maybelline posted solely about campaigns and products, achieving lower fan engagement.
L'Oreal ratio of Likes to Active engagement is higher in the week prior to Friday 21st October:
  • L'Oreal achieves a higher ratio of Likes to Talking on Facebook: Both L’Oreal and Maybelline’s US Facebook pages have around 1 million Facebook likes, but at the end of last week L’Oreal’s ratio of ‘People talking about this’ to number of Likes was much higher at 8.4% compared to that of Maybelline’s 5.5%
Celebrity-related content led the higher engagement levels for L'Oreal:
  • L'Oreal's celeb-related content contributed to high active engagement: Although the majority of activity from both brands' Facebook handles focuses on campaigns and products, L'Oreal's posts featuring celebrities, such as Doutzen Kroes or Gwen Stefani, generated higher levels of fanbase mobilisation, suggesting they should be a part of any effective online strategy



Anonymous 14th June 2012

This review is really useful. Thanks a lot for sharing :)

Anonymous 5th November 2011

Hello Leonie Bulman,
Thanks for sharing your review. I think FB introduced "talking about this" features to know how many real followers like the page. I have seen many webmasters increasing their FB likes in bulk but the users who liked them never return to their page. Talking about this features shows people's activity by visiting the page regularly and actively participating in discussion.

May be this FB's new feature impact on SEO. If it affects SEO what about small business? I also had downloadable games website with more than 1k FB page likes but very few actively participate in discussion, if it impact on my site's SEO then I'm very disappointed with FB's new feature. :-(

Anonymous 31st October 2011

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