Krave's Easter competition leaves Facebook fans wanting

Krave's Easter competition leaves Facebook fans wanting

Krave’s Easter egg Facebook competition highlights the potential pitfalls of social media giveaways, where demand often exceeds supply.

Kelloggs Krave cereal have launched an Easter themed Facebook competition, giving fans of their official page the chance to win prizes by hunting for Krave Easter eggs which appear randomly on Facebook’s advertising banners.
WaveMetrix analysis has previously shown how brands such as Frito Lay have faced a negative backlash after a Facebook giveaway failed to meet consumer demand. As with Frito Lay’s campaign, Krave’s Easter egg hunt has generated a mixed response, with a large proportion of comments coming from disgruntled fans who have not won a prize. Complaints around the competition threaten to overshadow the otherwise very positive discussion on the page, particularly around the product itself. This suggests that brands should ensure that Facebook competitions and giveaways can meet the demand of their fans, in order to minimise the risk of a negative backlash.
Krave's Facebook competitions receives a mixed response:
  • Reaction to the competition is divided: Many complain that they have “been findings eggs all day, but they never have anything in”, with some speculating that “the prizes are being given to Krave employees” and calling the competition a “scam”


Complaints about the competition overshadow positivity around the Krave product:



  • Positive product comments are overshadowed by mixed attitudes towards the competition: Though the “tasty” Krave product is praised, most buzz focuses on the competition, masking more positive discussion



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