Kit Kat drive 50% more purchase desire with crowdsourcing campaign

Kit Kat drive 50% more purchase desire with crowdsourcing campaign

Kit Kat drive 50% more purchase desire compared to other confectionery launches by asking fans to vote for the new Chunky flavour.

Kit Kat have launched a campaign for the new Chunky Champion on their Facebook page, encouraging fans to decide which of four new flavours will become a permanent addition to the Kit Kat Chunky confectionery range. In comparison, Cadbury introduced the new Crispello chocolate bar in October by simply announcing its availability with a Facebook post.
Comparing consumers’ responses shows that Kit Kat's approach is more successful than Cadbury's in driving desirability for the new products. 23% of fans express their desire to try the new Chunky flavours alongside voting for their favorite one, compared to 15% in response to Crispello's launch. In addition, the response to Kit Kat's campaign is much more positive than for Cadbury as fans comment on the "fun" campaign as well as "yummy" new flavours. This shows that getting consumers to participate in a new product launch can build excitement and encourage them to try it, rather than introducing it without their input.
Kit Kat’s crowdsourcing approach drives 50% more purchase desire than Cadbury's:
  • Getting fans involved can encourage them to want to try the product: 23% of those commenting on Kit Kat’s campaign say they will “definitely buy” or "can't wait to try" the new flavours, versus 15% for Cadbury's Crispello launch

KitKat's approach generates much more positive fan responses than Cadbury's:

  • 93% of comments on Kit Kat’s campaign are positive, almost double the 48% for Cadbury: Prompted by the invitation to vote for their favourite Kit Kat Chunky, consumers praise the "awesome" campaign and try to out-vote each other by sharing what they think is the "best", "most delicious" flavour. In contrast, some respond to Crispello's launch saying it "looks like a Bueno" or that it "looks expensive"


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