Hyundai and Lexus are the fastest growing auto Facebook communities in Q3

Hyundai and Lexus are the fastest growing auto Facebook communities in Q3

Analysis of Facebook community growth across automotive brands shows that Hyundai and Lexus are the fastest growing with an increase in fan numbers of 34% and 24% respectively.

Whilst gathering followers should not be an end in itself, it is a good indicator of how much attention brand is getting from consumers. A dwindling follower base might also suggest decreased interest in the brand among consumers, so brands should monitor how they are performing compared to competitors and their industry.
WaveMetrix analysis shows that Hyundai and Lexus Facebook communities have grown much more than the 12% automotive average in Q3. Although they are not the leaders in terms of community size, this suggests that both brands have successfully strengthened their follower base. Hyundai's growth occurred alongside its participation in events such as Comic-Con, whilst Lexus' came from promoting new 2013 models and deals on 2012 models.
Top ten fastest growing auto Facebook communities in Q3:


  • Hyundai's Facebook community has grown by 34%: Almost three times the average growth across automotive brands, Hyundai achieved this with sustained growth throughout the quarter. The third week of July attracted a particularly strong growth in followers, coinciding with the promotion of the new Elantra model at Comic-Con where a Zombie Survival model was unveiled
  • Lexus' Facebook community grows by 24%: With double the amount of growth compared to the average, Lexus is the second fastest growing community. The majority of the increase occurred in the last ten days of September as Lexus advertised deals on its 2012 models as well as introducing the new ES line of models


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