HTC successfully place consumer recommendations at the heart of their social media presence

HTC successfully place consumer recommendations at the heart of their social media presence

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By allowing detailed reviews to be posted on their Facebook page, HTC successfully generate constructive product discussion, as well as a very high proportion of positive recommendations for their phones.

HTC have recently launched their new range of HTC One smartphones alongside a marketing campaign, which places professional and consumer recommendations at its heart by asking them what they think of the HTC One line-up. Part of this campaign allows consumers to post reviews on the Facebook and main HTC site. WaveMetrix compared reviews of the HTC One S to responses to HTC Facebook posts.
Using human analysis, WaveMetrix is able to show that the reviews tab has created a source of detailed and positive feedback for HTC’s phones. It also leads to a very high proportion of consumers explicitly and implicitly recommending the HTC One S to others, as it is the “best phone they have ever had”, providing a powerful social media tool to encourage others to invest in HTC products.
Reviews tab leads to almost 90% of consumers to positively recommend the HTC One S:
  • The HTC reviews tab successfully encourages consumers to recommend the HTC One S to others: The majority of consumers recommend the HTC One S to others either explicitly, “I highly recommend this”, or implicitly, the HTC One S “is the best phone I have ever had”
  • Responses to HTC Facebook posts generate less advocacy: The proportion of consumer advocates is much lower, at under 50%
Consumers are overwhelmingly positive about the HTC One S in reviews:
  • The overall response on the reviews tab is also more positive than the response to HTC Facebook posts: The reviews tab proves to be a good forum for generating positive product discussion, and, while there is a little negativity, this is inevitable with consumers unlikely to be completely satisfied with every aspect of their smartphone in today’s market


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