HP’s Sauce of Manliness gets men talking about making sandwiches

HP’s Sauce of Manliness gets men talking about making sandwiches

HP Sauce of Manliness is an example of how brands can get consumers engaging with everyday life products. Whilst some female consumers feel alienated, the campaign successfully gets men talking about their favourite way to use HP Sauce.

HP Sauce’s latest advert is a series of adverts explaining the “principles by which all men must live”, from facial hair, to sport chat to making the perfect Manwich with HP Sauce. HP Sauce has shared the videos on its Facebook page, YouTube channel and the campaign has spread on Twitter with the use of #manwich.
Analysis shows that the Sauce of Manliness campaign does a fantastic job at engaging men across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. HP’s male Facebook fans comment that they “love” the advert and they tweet about their #manwich creations. This shows that humour can help drive engagement around lower-value FMCG products. However, targeting male consumers only does create resentment among the brand's female fans on Facebook.
Consumers spread their “love” for the HP Sauce of Manliness campaign:

  • Facebook fans respond to the campaign posts: They say they "love" the "brilliant" new advert and that it's made them want to make an Manwich. However, female Facebook fans generate a small amount of negativity as they feel the advert means they are "not allowed" to have HP Sauce
  • The videos are also received positively on YouTube: Consumers comment that the campaign is "hilarious" and "one of the funniest they've seen"
  • Consumers tweet using #manwich: Tweets about the advert come almost entirely from male consumers who say they are "loving" the ad, share quotes from the video and tell others about the "manly" sandwiches they have made using HP Sauce

Those tweeting using #manwich associate HP Sauce with bacon, egg and hash browns:

  • Consumers resonate with HP Sauce's messaging: The Sauce of Manliness creates engagement on Twitter, with male consumers tweeting about the #manwich they have made, most of which involve bacon, egg, sausage and has browns. This shows that HP Sauce's visual branding is in line with consumer's use of the product


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