How skincare brands such as L’Oréal, Clinique or Garnier can learn from consumer reviews

How skincare brands such as L’Oréal, Clinique or Garnier can learn from consumer reviews

Skincare consumer reviews provide a rich source of both positive and negative feedback, which can help brands make improvements.

Beauty brands’ Facebook communities tend to be full of brand love, making them an ideal place to drive positive engagement and advocacy. However, highly positive comments don't help identify improvement areas for future product developments or communications.
We compared consumer reviews and Facebook brand community discussion for BB creams, a new hybrid skincare solution combining coverage, hydration and sun protection, which has been the focus of the skincare industry in the last few months. Our analysis shows that consumer reviews of BB creams contain much more negativity than comments in Facebook brand communities. This is driven by reviews being very detailed and covering all aspects of the product. In contrast, Facebook comments on brand pages stay much more general. This shows that reviews are key to providing skincare brands with helpful feedback, which can flow into the next product cycle or campaign strategy.
Negativity is much stronger in reviews of BB creams than when fans discuss them in social media communities:
 Sentiment of BB cream discussion by source type
  • The negativity in consumer reviews makes them more helpful than other sources: Skincare brands can get insight into product issues which are usually not raised in fan communities or forums
  • Facebook comments and forum or blog posts are much more positive: Within brand communities, fans are more likely to spread positivity. In forums, discussion revolves around users asking for advice and others recommending their favourite BB cream
Negativity in reviews comes from users going in to much more detail:
Sentiment and topic of discussion for BB cream consumer reviews
  • Consumer reviews cover every aspect of BB creams: Reviews provide detail into both positive and negative aspects of user experience. For example, BB cream users explain why they do or don't like the coverage or color match. Brands can extract and use this insight to in future product cycles and innovation planning

In contrast, Facebook comments are highly positive, but don't usually go into detail:

 Sentiment and topic of discussion for BB cream Facebook comments
  • 76% of Facebook comments about BB creams focus on general product "love": Fans say they their BB cream is "amazing", "the best" or "perfect". However, these comments do not provide skincare brands with helpful feedback to improve products 

In the next few weeks, we will further explore the insight contained in reviews by looking at other product categories. We will show how brands can use them to understand why consumers choose a product as well as getting more information about the users themselves.


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