How brands allow e-retailers to lose them sales

How brands allow e-retailers to lose them sales

Selling on third party sites is now commonplace, however, actively improving how a brand is presented to consumers has only recently become an important focus for many.

By understanding the steps that brands must take to maximise sales on e-retailers, you can plan exactly what you need to do to boost sales and differentiate yourselves.

Brands vary in how they currently approach third party eCommerce. Some businesses are already pro-actively rolling out strategies to ensure their brands and products look their best on e-retailers. However, others do not even know where or how their products are being sold online, meaning they are allowing rivals to stride ahead, as well as missing out on potential sales.

By mapping out where your brand is in its eCommerce journey, you can understand the steps still left to take to build a best-in-class eCommerce strategy.

The Retail Partner eCommerce Journey

In order for a brand to effectively build and execute a third party eCommerce strategy brands need to create a sustainable set of processes for improving and executing e-retailer strategy across every market and on every site.

Each week in the following articles we will be analysing each step of the process and the actions a brand can take to move forward from one step to another.

WaveMetrix are industry experts in online insight and helping brands build a best-in-class approach to third party eCommerce measurement, strategy and analysis. If you want to understand the steps you can take to improve your eCommerce strategy get in touch with

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