Hobbit quadruples engagement by streaming world premiere online

Hobbit quadruples engagement by streaming world premiere online

By streaming its premiere online and promoting #HobbitPremiere, The Hobbit successfully boosted Twitter engagement by 423% on the day of its premiere. Fans mostly discussed the film’s cast, with Benedict Cumberbatch’s interview driving the largest peak in engagement. The live stream not only drove high levels of engagement but also intent to view, driving a 75% increase on the daily average.

WaveMetrix has investigated how The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug has maximised its social engagement in the run up to its release on December 13. The Hobbit successfully leveraged fan excitement by streaming its world premiere (Dec 2) directly on Facebook and YouTube. Throughout the stream, The Hobbit promoted the use of #HobbitPremiere through a live Twitter feed and onscreen presenters.
The live stream event saw Twitter discussion leap by over 423% as “excited fans” discussed seeing the stars “live on the black carpet”. Discussion using the official #HobbitPremiere accounted for 67% of total Hobbit discussion during the premiere, suggesting the combination of streaming the premiere live and promoting the hashtag was key in driving engagement.
The Hobbit: tweets per day November 18 – December 3 

  • The Hobbit’s premiere drove a significant increase in excitement: The Hobbit’s Twitter discussion on Dec 2 was 423% higher than the daily average of the preceding week, as fans talked about seeing their favourite stars arrive on the black carpet

The Hobbit: tweets per hour November 27 – December 2 


  • Streaming the premiere online captures fan excitement and boosts engagement: The Hobbit’s engagement peaks between 18.00 - 20.00 (PST) on Dec 2, with consumers “loving” watching the premiere live

The Hobbit: tweets by term December 2 17.00 – 21:00 (PST)

  • Promoting #HobbitPremiere encouraged fans to tweet about the premiere: Tweets featuring #HobbitPremiere drove 67% of all tweets during this time period, with a potential reach of 34 million

#HobbitPremiere: tweets per minute


  •  Mentions of #HobbitPremiere peaked during the airing of the live stream: The majority of #HobbitPremiere mentions occurred during the streaming of the premiere, with onscreen presenters heavily promoting this hashtag  
  • #HobbitPremiere discussion centred on the film’s key cast members: Fans were particularly engaged with the arrival and interviews of the film’s stars, with Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch producing the two biggest peaks in engagement

The Hobbit: % intent to view by time period

  • The Hobbit’s premiere drives high levels of intent to view: Absolute intent to view increased by 75% on the day of the premiere compared to the average of the proceeding week. Although, intent to view as a proportion of tweets decreases (from 82% to 70%) due to a number of fans sharing the live stream without commenting on their propensity to view

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