Hermes uses shock tactics to kick start Facebook engagement

Hermes uses shock tactics to kick start Facebook engagement

Hermes break their usual traditional interaction with Facebook fans by posting photos of nude paintings. Compared to other post types, these receive a much higher number of likes and comments, suggesting that shock tactics can be an effective way to promote engagement.

Hermes has recently posted photos of classic nude paintings on its Facebook page, in a campaign to promote its new jewellery range. They are classic oil paintings of nude women onto which staple pieces of Hermes jewellery have been photoshopped. Association with art and culture has been used by many luxury brands. Louis Vuitton, for example, sponsor exhibitions whilst Chanel has turned their own creations into art at the Culture Chanel exhibition in Shanghai. Hermes take it a step further by using art to directly promote their products.
WaveMetrix analysis shows that the nude paintings collected a much higher number of likes and than other posts, suggesting Hermes successfully promoted consumer engagement. In addition, analysis of consumer discussion shows that this daring strategy was well-received as it remains consistent with the Hermes image even though it differs from the brand’s usual Facebook strategy.
Photos of nude paintings attract much more Likes than other post topics:
  • Hermes' post of nude paintings attracts a record number of Likes: Analysis of the number of Likes by post for recent Hermes engagement on its Facebook page shows that the nude paintings attracted a much higher volume of Likes than other posts. On the 14th June, 1,858 fans clicked the Like button for the nude jewellery paintings, compared to just 499 for a video post on the 10th May. This suggests that the nude paintings, which differ from Hermes' more conservative ways of interacting, have been successful in promoting consumer engagement on the brand's page
Hermes' nude paintings preserve the brand's creative and stylish image:
  • Creativity and stylishness remain the most highly reflected brand values in response to nude paintings: Analysis of the brand values reflected in consumer discussion in response to the nude paintings show that these remain in line with Hermes' image. Although 9% find the nude paintings daring and "erotic", 47% describe them as creative whilst a further 44% find them stylish, saying they are "beautiful" and "tasteful". This highlights the fact that shock tactics can drive engagement, but should always remain consistent with brand image



Anonymous 16th November 2011

Association with art and culture has been used by many luxury brands. Louis Vuitton is so perfect,and hermes bikrin also fashionable

Anonymous 26th October 2011

I think it is the latest marketing tip to promote things and to attract more public to the page. Everything fails people use the last option to attract the customers. I think Herms is also going in the same way. Otherwise I couldn’t foresee any reason for this sudden change. I have seen mephisto shoes,Louis Vuitton sponsor. Because of this change, Herms is getting a chance to be in this column also. All these are cheap marketing tips, nothing else. Now she got a higher number of likes.

Anonymous 16th September 2011

I want to use this as my facebook banner. I hope Hermes will not get mad. :))

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