Heinz Ketchup Facebook store launch marred by technical glitches

Heinz Ketchup Facebook store launch marred by technical glitches

Heinz Ketchup’s Facebook store shows that consumers respond well to the prospect of an FMCG Facebook store, but that technical glitches can scupper a launch.
With a growing number of brands allowing consumers to purchase directly through Facebook, the potential monetization of Facebook appears to be a growing trend. WaveMetrix have previously reported on consumer electronics and fashion brands that have used Facebook stores to successfully boost purchase intent. Heinz is one of the first FMCG brands to go down this route, offering its limited edition Balsamic Ketchup exclusively through Facebook.
WaveMetrix analysis of consumer reaction shows that anticipation for the store launch leads to high levels of positivity and purchase intent from consumers. In theory, therefore, even FMCG brands should be able to successfully monetize their Facebook communities. However, in practice the Heinz launch was plagued by technical difficulties and taken offline temporarily yesterday. The post-launch consumer reception was correspondingly more negative, with a reduction in purchase intent and several consumers “worried” about the security of their credit card details. This shows brands that Facebook store launches should be well-planned and tested, as glitches risk alienating a previously positive fan base.
Attitudes become more negative following the launch of the store, as technical glitches become apparent:
Heinz Ketchup Facebook store launch marred by technical glitches
  • Consumers greet the prospect of a Facebook store with initial enthusiasm: They say they are “excited” about the “limited edition” launch and demonstrate that FMCG brands can successfully build engagement around a forthcoming Facebook store
  • However, as technical glitches bite, consumers become more negative: Although some successfully use the store, others complain the store “doesn’t work” and some “worry” about the security of their credit card details
Purchase intent drops following the launch:
Heinz Ketchup Facebook store launch marred by technical glitches
  • Following the glitches, less consumers appear willing to use the store: Although purchase intent is initially high around the launch, as technical difficulties become apparent some say they will “never use the store” 


Anonymous 15th November 2011

Great insights!
There's no doubt that F-commerce is the next step in the e-Commerce evolution.
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