Guinness, Smirnoff, Pimm’s: Analysing tweets provides authentic consumer stories around drinking alcohol

Guinness, Smirnoff, Pimm’s: Analysing tweets provides authentic consumer stories around drinking alcohol

Analysis of consumer tweets about alcoholic beverages helps brands understand how their products are consumed.

Last week, we investigated how consumers tweet about eating certain foods. The content of these tweets proved helpful in building a picture of how these products fit into their lifestyle. Similarly, tweets about drinking alcohol can provide brands with real stories about how their product fits into various scenarios.
We read tweets from consumers talking about drinking alcoholic beverages in the past month, including beer, cider, spirits and liqueurs. Our first observation is that 80% of tweets about drinking occur “in-the-moment”, as consumers want to immediately share their experience. In addition, their tweets describe very specific scenarios, such as relaxing outdoors or partying. These can help brands gather authentic consumer stories and better understand the context in which their products are consumed.
Tweets about drinking alcohol happen much more “in-the-moment” than tweets about eating:
  • Consumers reveal genuine stories of enjoying alcoholic beverages: Many of those who tweet during consumption also share pictures, linking to other platforms such as Instagram. Consumers also often mention the friends they are socialising with, suggesting these are usually shared moments
Analysing these tweets provides genuine consumer stories, helping brands better understand the main scenarios for drinking alcohol:
  • Unsurprisingly, tweets about drinking alcohol in June 2013 are focused on outdoor relaxation: Consumers upload pictures or describe how they are "enjoying the sunshine" or the park with friends, whilst drinking alcoholic beverages

  • Partying scenarios are also prominent among tweets about consuming alcohol:

  • Some consumers tweet about more personal moments, relaxing at home:

  • Other scenarios for alcohol consumption include watching sports or post-work drinks:

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