Game of Thrones uses Facebook to maintain fan excitement between seasons

Game of Thrones uses Facebook to maintain fan excitement between seasons

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HBO’s Game of Thrones' Facebook page demonstrates that Facebook can be the ideal vehicle for keeping fan engagement high and building anticipation for a new series, months in advance of its actual airing date.

The hit TV series from HBO, Game of Thrones, just reached an impressive 4 million likes. The series keeps engagement high by posting content on a vast array of topics, from cast announcements to mini-games to fan-made content. One of the posts asks fans to submit their own illustrations and paintings of the GoT’s characters and has gained a massive 135,000 likes and 16,000 shares to date.
Despite there being a long hiatus before the next series, Game of Thrones' demonstrates the gains that pro-active community management can bring, with over 200,000 fans gained in August alone. Engagement also remains consistently high, spiking when the community manager posts fans’ paintings. WaveMetrix analysed the consumer discussion on the page, which shows this constant fan interaction successfully builds anticipation for the third series, even though it does not air for another seven months.

Game of Thrones gained 200,000 fans in August, with “People Talking about This” consistently well-over 100,000:
Encouraging fan interaction before the new series launches helps build intent to view well in advance:

  • A significant proportion of the comments demonstrate a clear intent to view: Fans “can’t wait” and are “dying for the new series”, while "counting down the months"


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