British Airways' advert launch sees Facebook fans endorse the brand's traditional values

British Airways' advert launch sees Facebook fans endorse the brand's traditional values

British Airways' exclusive advert launch suggests that Facebook fans are a more reliable audience for brands seeking to reaffirm their traditional brand values, than those attempting brand repositioning.

Yesterday, British Airways gave its Facebook fans an exclusive look at its new advert, before it aired on television later that day. The advert plays on values commonly associated with the airline, such as heritage, pride and trust. The page’s community manager asked consumers to “let us know what you think” and the reaction was overwhelmingly positive.

WaveMetrix social media monitoring has previously highlighted difficulties faced by Pizza Hut India, when it launched a Facebook advert looking to reposition the brand as one with both new age and vintage values. The vast majority of consumers discussed the advert in general terms and failed to engage with the new brand values. By contrast, almost half of Facebook fans discussing BA’s new advert associate the brand with its traditional values, of heritage, pride and trust. This suggests that although Facebook fans may be averse to brand repositioning, they are a reliable audience for brands looking for endorsement of existing brand values.
Facebook fans engage more with British Airways’ traditional brand values, than Pizza Hut India’s new ones:
  • Almost half of Facebook fans associate BA with traditional brand values: They think “BA has heritage and by the bucketload too” and that the advert makes them “proud of our national airline"
  • In contrast under 10% of Pizza Hut fans associate the restaurant with new brand values: The vast majority express their “love” for the brand, but do not associate it with vintage or new age idea
  • This suggests that Facebook fans are a better audience for brands looking to reiterate existing brand values, than those attempting brand repositioning
Most commonly used words in Facebook responses to BA’s new advert:
  • Consumers frequently associate BA with its traditional brand values when discussing the new advert: Many are “proud” of the airlines “history” and “amazing heritage”



Anonymous 28th September 2011

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