ePresence: Bosch's strong presence on e-retailers means they are best positioned to take advantage of distress home appliance purchases

ePresence: Bosch's strong presence on e-retailers means they are best positioned to take advantage of distress home appliance purchases

By consistently running promotions across different sites Bosch’s front page placements were more visible than rivals such as Hotpoint, Indesit, Bush and Hoover. Given that 8 out of 10 home appliances purchases are in response to breakages and malfunctions*, this visibility at the point of purchase is of particular importance.

This article analyses data collected by WaveMetrix’s ePresence solution, which monitored special offer placements on the front pages of John Lewis, Currys, Argos and AO’s white goods pages for a week in July to identify which brands’ promotions were the most prominent.

Bosch’s promotional strategy meant their placements were consistently more visible than their rivals’ for the whole week. With consumers generally only buying new home appliances as a result of a breakdown or a malfunction, purchase decisions are more likely to be based on the most visible promotional offer at the time, meaning being the first brand consumers see is even more important. Bosch was consistently the most visible brand for the whole week.

All sites: % share of special offer presence by brand


  • Bosch were the most visible home appliance brand for the whole week: by running promotions across the front pages of key sites for the whole week, Bosch had the largest share of presence, out performing all rivals.
  • Some competitor brands were almost anonymous: Brands such as Samsung and AEG were only featured for a couple of days on one site, meaning they were less visible and therefore miss out on exposure to potential new customers.

Bosch featured on the most key sites simultaneously

  • Bosch (26%) promotions are consistently featured on AO, Currys and John Lewis throughout the week: in contrast rivals such as Indesit (10%), Hotpoint (11%) and Bush (11%) were all well behind, being much less visible on the key sites.

Bosch’s promotions were consistently the most prominent on JohnLewis.com

Key Takeaway: Tracking promotions is important. While many brands track their own promotional activity, very few track their competitors'. By understanding what your rivals are doing gives you insight into how effective your own placements are, as well as helping you make your own promotional strategy as effective as possible.  Email Ed.Bristow@WaveMetrix.com if you'd like to learn more about how ePresence could help improve your eCommerce performance.

*Source: http://www.heartofengland.coop/home-living/white-goods?page=5

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