Electrolux and Indesit engage Facebook fans around homekeeping topics

Electrolux and Indesit engage Facebook fans around homekeeping topics

Home appliances communities which focus on homekeeping, rather than products, are more effective at engaging fans.

Last week, we investigated the purpose of home appliance communities by analysing what consumers talk about on them. We found that social networks provide a space for consumers to talk about homekeeping in general, in contrast to review sites and forums where discussion is product and feature-centric. Within the community, almost half of discussion is about how to better use the appliances, make them last longer, or about wider home topics such as cooking or hosting.
Further analysis of individual brand communities shows that brands with content focused on homekeeping drive higher engagement than other brands. Electrolux and Indesit both stand out as over-performers when comparing the average proportion of ‘People Talking About This’ across a range of home appliance pages. Indesit’s community has at least five times more engagement than other brands. Electrolux’s community is ten times bigger than any of the others, as well as having higher engagement.
Proportion of 'People Talking About This' over community size:

Electrolux and Indesit over-perform due to a higher proportion of posts about homekeeping:


Both Electrolux and Indesit post tips about cooking or cleaning:



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