Dove successfully use Facebook to build a positive brand community

Dove successfully use Facebook to build a positive brand community

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Dove’s Facebook page demonstrates that the site is an effective platform for building positivity about the brand. It also serves to encourage consumers to share the brand values they associate with Dove.

Dove’s vice president of global brand development has recently announced a shift in the company’s social media strategy, saying that Facebook is the perfect arena for encouraging “brand love” and ensuring consumers interact with each other through “eye to eye connections”.
WaveMetrix analysis shows that Facebook serves as a great platform for the Dove brand in terms of encouraging positive brand communication between consumers and with the brand itself. The response on Facebook is overwhelmingly positive with consumers sharing their positive experiences with each other, as well as the values lying behind their “brand love” for Dove.
Almost 90% of consumers are positive about the brand:
  • Well over 80% of discussion is positive on the Dove Facebook page: Consumers share their enthusiasm for Dove’s products with each other, relaying that products are “awesome” and “really enhance” their skin
  • Negative feedback is rare: Only a few have complaints about the results of the products or lament the lack of availability of certain products
Facebook prompts consumers to share the values they associate with Dove:
  • Consumers reveals the reasons behind the love for the Dove brand:  They believe Dove is the “best” at what they do and say it is designed “perfectly for their skin”, they also say  it is “indispensable” to their daily routine and that they use it “everyday”


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