Dior show how to promote brand exclusivity and encourage online purchase with Lady Dior short video series

Dior show how to promote brand exclusivity and encourage online purchase with Lady Dior short video series

Dior show marketers how a premium brand can encourage online purchasing and strengthen its exclusive image with a series of aspirational films featuring French actress Marion Cotillard. By recapturing the prestige of owning a Lady Dior bag, the short features act as a call to action for online purchasing, showing how combining advertainment with social media can help drive e-commerce.

Dior have released a series of four short movies showcasing the Lady Diana inspired Lady Dior bags. Based on the concept of “Four cities, Four women”, the videos show famous French actress Marion Cotillard in Paris, Shanghai, London and New York, each with a different colour Lady Dior bag. Their latest one, Lady Grey in London, is now featured on their Facebook page with an invitation to purchase the bag as a gift.
WaveMetrix analysis shows that the Lady Dior films have had a positive impact on Dior's exclusive brand image, with a high proportion of users saying they aspire to the "Dior world". The videos also encourage users to say they want to buy a Dior bag, either for themselves or as a gift. However, Dior achieve a lower proportion of purchase discussion than Louis Vuitton do with their Mon Monogram app, suggesting personalisation is a more effective strategy to support e-commerce than the Lady Dior films.
Lady Dior films enhance the brand’s aspirational image:
  • Lady Dior films succeed in driving Dior’s aspirational image: Over 40% of users who comment on the Lady Dior films say Marion Cotillard and the Lady Dior bags depict the “glamour” and “beauty” which they aspire to. Many say they “wish” they could live in a “Dior world”. Lady Dior films attract double the proportion of aspirational discussion than other product-related posts on Dior’s Facebook page. This shows that the Lady Dior series successfully promotes Dior’s exclusive image, whilst encouraging consumers to talk about it online
  • Lady Dior films also encourage consumer love for the Dior brand: 30% of users commenting on the Lady Dior films express their “love” for the brand. They say Dior is the “best ever” and that they “love” the brand’s “unique” style. This is a similar proportion to that yielded by other posts about Dior products, suggesting both are equally as successful in promoting brand love
Lady Dior films encourage purchase discussion, but to a lesser extent than Louis Vuitton’s Mon Monogram app:
  • Lady Dior features encourage more purchase discussion than other product-related posts:  54% of users who comment on the Lady Dior videos say they “want” to buy or “have bought” a Lady Dior bag, a proportion which is higher than responses to other product-related posts on Dior’s Facebook page. The films are more successful in driving product desirability and purchase intent among consumers, who are drawn in by the “sublime” lifestyle depicted in the films. This is reflected in the consumers’ language: they say they desire the “dream” Lady Dior bag because they want to be as “classy” and “elegant” as Marion Cotillard
  • However, the Lady Dior films don’t drive as much purchase discussion as the Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram app: 65% of users who comment on Mon Monogram – Louis Vuitton’s personalisation service – discuss the purchase of Louis Vuitton bags. This is higher than the 54% who discuss purchase in response to the Lady Dior films, suggesting offering a personalisation service is a more successful strategy to encourage online purchase


Anonymous 28th April 2011

As a creative content developer and producer, I am extremely excited about the development of branded online entertainment for the luxury industry. Such beautiful progress. Priscilla Obermeier - www.true-self.biz - convey and express the true self of a brand, branded online entertainment for the high fashion and lifestyle industry

Anonymous 7th March 2011

You can currently buy some Dior beauty products on e-retail sites like Boots or House of Fraser - hopefully it will come soon though! As soon as they do we will run an article on it

Anonymous 1st March 2011

Nice but when will the U.K. get Dior beauty e-commerce (like the U.S)?!

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