Dell show that re-posting positive consumer opinions boosts product desirability

Dell show that re-posting positive consumer opinions boosts product desirability

Dell increase purchase desire for the XPS Duo 12 by 50% through sharing positive consumer opinions on their Facebook page.

Dell initially launched the XPS Duo 12 Ultrabook in September 2012, with pictures of the product and descriptions of its features. In December, Dell changed their promotional strategy for the XPS Duo 12 and began sharing positive consumer reviews from their main website with their Facebook fans. They've since extended the strategy to sharing professional reviews, both on their Facebook page and in offline advertising.
Analysis shows that re-posting consumer reviews drives more purchase desire around the XPS Duo 12 than other posts promoting the same device. 11% of fans explicitly say they “can’t wait” to buy the XPS Duo 12 in response to posts with user quotes, compared to 6% for other XPS Duo 12 promotional posts. Dell show that amplifying consumer advocacy boosts desirability among a wider range of potential buyers.
Sharing positive consumer quotes drives double the level of purchase desire:
  • Posts showing consumer opinions drive twice as much purchase desire: This shows that this strategy successfully builds consumer confidence in a new product, as potential buyers tend to turn to other users’ opinions when deciding to purchase the product or not

This case study is part of our new Q4 2012 social media summary show best practices to drive purchase desire on Facebook. You can read the full report for free here.


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